My step daughter gives me her virginity virginity

My wife and I have been married 15 years and her step daughter lives with us Spence my wife and her ex husband got divorced divorced about 17 years ago from a really bad marriage and her step daughter didn’t want to live with her father at all because he would hit and beat them when he was drunk !
So now she turned 21 last month!
So now my wife and have been married for almost 4 yeas now ! Sence we’ve been married I noticed how her step daughter would look at me and act towards me with a look in her eyes ! I can see something in her eyes. It was a lustful look that she was giving me!
Sometimes she would walk around the house with only a bra and panties on when her step mom wasn’t home but I don’t pay no limb to it at all !
But the week before her 21 birthday my wife and I asked her what did she want for her birthday she said that she wanted to go out with us to a nightclub and have a good time for her birthday so that Saturday she all got dressed up and went out to a local nightclub!
So just as we walked up to the doors at the nightclub they checked our i d to make sure we are of age and when they checked her I d they that it was her birthday !
So we went inside and the manager walked in with and gave a table in the private area of the club and asked us what are we going to drink so I ordered 3 rumm and cokes for the 3 of us. After a few drinks we went out on the dance floor and started to have a real good time with them the next thing I know that my wife was behind me and her step daughter was in front of me grinding her ass on me with my wife’s hands on her step daughters hips pulling her against me really hard and before I knew it turned around and started kissing me just like my wife does to me just before we are having sex !
Now I’m getting really turned on and getting hard in my pants !
So we went back to our table and found a little cupcake with a candle on it that the wait staff brought over brought overfor her and then turned down the music in the club and started to sing happy birthday to her! She started to cry because she was so happy to be with us on her 21 birthday! So we got up and hugged each other and then my wife turned to my ear and told me that when we get back home that they have a gift for me so I asked her what was my gift she told me that if’s a surprise surprise from the of them. After my wife told me that I wanted to rush home and find out what it was doing to be!
So called over the waitress to pay our tab she said that our bill is on the house for her birthday
So Ias we walked over towards the door I gave the manager a 1 hundred dollar tip for our waitress because she made our step daughters birthday so intense made her so happy !!
So o just as we got back home my wife and her step daughter told me to have a seat on the ad of a while we go into the bedroom and change into something more comfortable! Just as I was getting comfortable on the sofa with a few drinks ready for the 3 of us they walked out of the bedroom with only one wearing a red lace bra and panties and the other wearing black lace bra and panties!
I felt like a kid in a toy store! My jaw dropped to the floor looking at the 2 most sexy women I’ve ever seen so I stood up and gave them the drinks I made for them!
We finished our drinks and they started to push me into the bedroom and stripped my clothes off me and pushed me down on the bed and the both of them started to lick on my dick after a few minutes my wife told me that her step daughter wants me to take her virginity virginity that’s the only gift that she wants from you!
My wife told me that she wanted me to go down her to get her really hot and wet between her legs before you pop her cherry. So I made her lay down on the bed with her legs open for me to go down on her. So I got up and started licking the inside of her legs from the ankle working my way down very slowly so she can get really turned on! By the time I made it down to her pussy she was soaking wet just as I got my tongue tongue inside of her lips she started to moan aloud my wife was sitting on the side of bed sitting on the side of bed with her hands between her watching me going down on her step daughters pussy !
I just kept going on her step daughters pussy then she put her hands on my head and started to grind her pussy onto my face telling that I’m making her Cumm oh I’m cumming I’m cumming before I knew it my face was covered with her Cumm my wife told me that it’s time for me to pop her cherry!
So I pulled her to the side of the bed with my wife behind me holding her legs open for me to slowly push my dick inside of her pussy I felt a little pop inside of her pussy but I keep pushing my dick inside of her until I was all the way inside of her my wife told me stay inside of her pussy and not to move let her feel your dick inside of her before you really start to fuck her .
So after a few minutes I started to pull out and push in slowly until she told me to go faster and deeper and make her Cumm all over your dick my wife pushed her legs together to squeeze mine squeeze my dick so hard that it made me Cumm inside of her pussy even after I was done cumming inside of her I kept on pounding away on her pussy until I shot another load inside of her pussy I was felling all my load running out of her pussy onto my balls I just held myself against her hips for a few long minutes before I pulled out of her soaking wet pussy just as I pulled out my wife went down between her legs and started licking her pussy clean of all of my Cumm just watching my wife going down on her step daughters pussy and licking all my Cumm from her step daughters pussy made me hard again so I got behind my wife and started ducking her now until I was about to Cumm inside her pussy she made me pull out and Cumm on both of their faces at the same time!
The next morning we got up and started all over again !
That was the best birthday gift that she’s ever gotten from anybody

3 months ago


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    • Get the fuck out of here, punk ! You haven't had any pussy since pussy had you !

    • Not incest pussy asshole!

    • That’s such a turn on for me knowing that your wife and step daughter allowed to do both of in the same bed at the same time your definitely one lucky guy !

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