Just a bit of training

I hired this new massage therapist lady, she comes right to the house to do it. Nice looking, about 25-30, pretty in a way, in what looks to be OK shape. I am 50, mildly heavy at 6' and 205#. I do work out some, so muscular.
The first session, I found out I was her very first client, she was fresh out of massage school. The surprise was her work was on the good side, she was overly careful with draping. I had her back two weeks later and let her know I was wanting a regular schedule.
2nd session went about the same and she seemed far more relaxed and chatty, when on my back I did get an erection, obvious and I saw she noticed but no reaction.
3rd session I asked her to work a little higher on my thighs, she mentioned that might be too intimate but I told her I was not bashful and used to it.
4th session we talked about how her client list was growing she was up to just two so far. I mentioned that many clients had an interest in perhaps more sensual touch than she offered, she got quiet for awhile, thinking.
last session, she asked me that "IF" she did more sensual style work, what should she charge, I told her typical was added $50.
She asked me if I ever had any of them do that, I just told her of course, I am just another guy.
She had me flip over, then asked me If I would like her to do "that" for me, while blushing delightfully.
I told her I would love it.
Now it a regular thing, she even takes her top off to help "stimulate" me, sooner or later I bet I get the rest off.
I love this stuff.

1 month ago


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    • I enjoy going to the message place. The first time I was freaking out over being caught till she rubbed my chest and grabbed my cock. Paid for a bj and she got topless and pulled down her skirt. I go back every once in a while as I like how she sucks.

    • I have a nice looking older lady that comes to my house once a month or so, nice price at $75 with a $20 tip, takes care of things and leaves.
      None of this dating, spending a fortune for "maybe", works just fine for me.
      We visit, talk a lot, she is married, three grown kids, husband knows all about it and they enjoy the extra revenue.
      Fine with me.
      Usually just a happy ending but every once in awhile she will blow me just to keep things interesting. I did ask her if she was willing to fuck but she just smiled and told me "maybe someday."
      So I don't even have a girl friend, and I do NOT want any more wives, that much is certain.

    • I heard this from an ex. A wealthy attractive (Jill) lady went to a legit spa of a massage every Wed at 2. She got to know her therapist (Maria) well, even took her to dinner. Maria confided she dreaded her 2:30 regular, a good tipper but wanted the happy ending -- she won't do. Jill tells her she'll stick around, put a Zorro mask on and giver the guy a HJ. It would be totally legal too, she doing it for free -- if he tips you more -- still legal, Maria didn't give him the HJ. Jill said she always had fun giving hand jobs, just amazing what your hand does -- She married and it's blowjobs since college.

    • I like giving hand jobs also, I don't mind if it is a guy or a gal. For a few minutes I have complete control over the person on the table. I have done young women, old ones, married ones, couples, quite a few more guys than women.
      I love my work and get lots of clients, been at it for 15 years now.

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