I don't want to live.

My wife has told me she is involved with another man. She met him at the gym. She said it started innocently and now they are sleeping together. I had no idea anything was going on. She seemed happy. She was even still having sex with me all the time. I thought things were great. I help her clean the house and spend lots of time with her. We do everything together. Then this out of the blue. WTF! How did this happen? I don't understand. She said she was happy. She always seemed affectionate. Apparently she wasn't being truthful. She was just telling me what I wanted to hear. She said they have so much in common . She just met him six weeks ago . Now she wants a divorce . I feel like I have been kicked in the head by a mule. My heart is breaking. I don't want to eat. All I want to do is sleep. I just want it to be a dream and awake to find my love laying next to me. I have thought about purchasing a pistol and blowing my brains out . Without my love I am nothing. She made it all worth while. She was my strength, my courage. Oh God why ?

1 month ago


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    • Dust yourself off and move on with your life. These life lessons will make you a better person and eventually you will be happy again

    • Obviously he's a better man for her. Convince her to have an open relationship, that way you are still part of her life. Hopefully she will only see him for sex and come back to you for the rest

    • Hey hey slow down you don't need a pistol. Unfortunately this happened to you as well as myself. I was hurt but as I picked myself up I realized she fucked up not me. Looked eve if she said she done with him things won't ever be the same you will always question where she at what's taking her so long it's not worth the agony brother. Move on and be happy will take time but it will happen. She don't know but the grass ain't always greener on the other side it also needs watering. Since my wife cheated on me over 30 years ago I left her and got back together but knowing what she did just made me angry and sleep with about 70 to 90 women. I wish I would of just left her and never seen her again. She ended up cheating about another 3 times thru out the years . Like they say once a cheat always a cheat. Her last one she begged me to not leave her . I didn't but had a side chick for about 6 months would I would not come home for 3 days at a time. Brother just tell her pack her shit get some alimony from her slut ass till you remarry if you ever do .

    • Same thing happened to me. I was married for about 10 years when suddenly things changed in the bedroom. She was always late coming home from work and I heard just about every excuse there was. The key is that the wife was always on her phone all the time. I asked her "who are you talking to?" She would make up a name of a woman just to please me. I never suspected that she would want to have an affair. But, I guess it not about sex, it's about the excitement of sex and getting away with it.
      My wife and I had a great sex life. We have sex everywhere at least once.
      I get it. The thought of your wife sucking another man's cock behind your back can be heart breaking. I went through it myself. Let it go, it will never be the same if she comes back!

    • If you're truly in crisis please call the Samaritans or another suicide prevention line, or call emergency services, or go to the nearest emergency room.

      There is life after this kind of betrayal. Your wife did a very shitty thing to you and it's understandable that you feel hurt and betrayed. If you have the means to talk to a therapist that might help. Meanwhile lawyer up and serve her with divorce papers. After it's all said and done you'll likely meet someone better for you, in time.

      Good luck and remember that living well is the best revenge.

    • I know you just want the pain to go away. It's a VERY hurtful thing. It's just as bad as a death in the family, if not worse because she's still alive. You will have to deal with the grief, and don't be afraid to seek help. Don't choose a permanent solution for a temporary problem. You found love once, you'll find it again. Take care, man.

    • You helped clean the house, the woman is a fool for cheating on you.

    • Don’t kill yourself, or you’ll miss out on the even better girl you’re going to meet once your divorce goes through.

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