How I met my husband

Not even my husband knows this part of my life, in my late 20’s early 30’s I had a few fuck buddies, I was enjoying life having sex whenever I wanted, I managed to juggle my life so I could pick and choose who I wanted to have sex with, I had a very high need for sex.
Over a period of 4 / 5 years I slept with so many men I couldn’t put a number to it.
I managed to just keep adding fuck buddies, I made it very clear when meeting someone I was wanting to have sex and we all know if sex is handed on a plate for a man...
My job lead me to move location, I was fed up with driving 70 miles a day to work and back, some of my fuck buddies were happy to travel buck this didn’t last long, within a month I was down to two men willing to travel once a week and I was wanting more.
I can remember it was a Monday evening and I was horny as hell, I was so wanting sex, I went to the local pub and it didn’t take long before a guy started talking to me, being honest this guy did nothing for me in the looks department but I only had one thing on my mind.
I told him I was single and lived local and was wanting to quickly go home and change my clothes, I said would you like to join me.
The conversation we had walking home was flirty and by the time my key was in the door we both knew what was going to happen.
The rest as they say is history, we are married no children and having lots of sex and good sex.

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