Getting myself spanked

At the age of fifteen with hormones going crazy most boys are trying to feel girls boobs. I did too.
But, I'd had a fascination with all things spanking but never actually received one. It didn't have to be hard, or even a punishment, just a spanking to satisfy my curiosity.
The only person I could think to turn to was mum. No girlfriend or teacher was ever going to spank me at that age, mum was the only option.
We didn't celebrate with birthday spankings so I couldn't even use that as an excuse.
Being naughty was out of the question, I hadn't been spanked up to the age of fifteen so mum was hardly going to start now!
I was confused, frustrated and full of testosterone. But I had a stroke of luck.
An old black and white movie was on TV one afternoon. Mum was cleaning, doing housework, I was not doing much of anything.
In the movie a man spanked a woman. A few smacks on her backside over a skirt.
It was an opening, I asked my mum if she had ever been spanked?
She told me yes, as a child several times.
The obvious question followed, "how come you never spanked me as a child?"
Mum stopped dusting and just shrugged and said, "I was never very naughty and besides that kind of punishment was becoming old fashioned."
So I followed up, "Did I never do a single thing ever that you thought I deserve a spanking in fifteen years?"
She carried on dusting but answered, "probably, as I say it wasn't the done thing so I think we kept you in for a few days. Grounding I suppose it was called."
Mum's turn to ask a question, "Why do you ask, have you been naughty?" She smiled at me.
Well, this was my opportunity, if I played my cards right mum might spank me for a bit of fun?
"Yes, mum!" I answered grinning, Should I stand on the naughty step or should I just stay at home this weekend?"
Mum stopped cleaning and said, "Oh I don't think we'll bother with that modern nonsense! As you're so keen to find out how about I just spank you here and now?"
I stood up and turned my chair around and asked mum if she would care to take a seat.
She did. I loosened my jeans and slipped them down and mum took my hand and instructed me to get across her knees.
I then received a few sharp smacks over my underwear which, yes I felt, but in all honesty didn't hurt at all.
I laughed and thanked mum and tried to scramble to my feet.
Mum had other ideas. I was told not to be in such a hurry, and I got the shock of my life as mum tugged my underwear down, and gave me a decent two or three minute hand spanking on my bare bum!
That DID sting!
When mum eventually finished she pulled up my underwear, gave me a slap over the underwear and told me to stand up!
Mum then told me from then on there would be no grounding. If I misbehaved she would just turn me over her knee and spank me again!
She was of course kidding and we have laughed about the incident over the years, it was an innocent bit of fun between mum and son.
She did spank me pretty hard, though she swears it was only for fun!

1 month ago

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