Lady’s dirty panties fetish

I’ve always wanted to be able to smell a pair of dirty women’s panties! Just thinking about sniffing a pair of dirty panties gets me turned on! I’m a man that loves to go down on a woman and eat her out all day if she wants me to! She can squirt all over my face and in my mouth but her dirty panties gets so horny after she wears her panties all day how they smell from her workout at the end of her day the scent coming from her panties is so amazing that I can’t wait for her to come home and take off her panties and hand them over to me to sniff them before she tell me it’s time to go to our bedroom so she can put her dirty panties on my face over my nose she I’ll be breathing the smell of her pussy from her panties while she’s giving me a blowjob ! She really knows how to get me really hard and horny really fast ! But she won’t let me Cumm right away! Because she has a cock fetish ! I don’t mind at all I love how she takes full control of me from cumming to soon! After a few minutes she will move her body around so my face is between her legs so I can lick and smell her sweaty pussy ! She knows how to keep me going! I love her so much I’ll do anything for her and to her!
While she riding my face she’s sucking on my dick before I knew it she started to squirt into my mouth and all over my face twice in 5 minutes that made me start cumming in her mouth as I’m cumming in her mouth she will squeeze my balls just tight enough that it feels so intense that I keep cumming like I’ll never stop cumming in her mouth!

To be continued!

1 month ago

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    • I love to smell my ex mother in law linda schmidts dirty pantys they smell so amazing it makes my Dick very hard when im masterbating sniffing her undies she caught me one time and looked at my dick and smiled she said i can jerk your dick for you u just enjoy my dirty pantys then after u will put your dick inside of my vagina and fuck me until u fill me with your cum.

    • I love smelling panties. Started young and like that it feels forbidden. I stole my first pair recently from my friend and have cummed so much smelling them. She knows I have that fetish but hasn't noticed I took two pairs the last time I saw her. I think of what her pussy looks like while smelling them.

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