My boss fired me .

My boss fired me . I got caught urinating in the coffee pot in his office. His secretary saw me. I didn't say anything I knew it was useless. I got my revenge because I'm collecting unemployment. Oh well. He asked me if I had done this before . I said no . Truth is I jacked off in his fancy hazelnut coffee creamer. Oh well it was worth it. Good thing he caught me though. Next step would have been laxatives in the pudding he brings from home. I would have loved to seen him with shit running down his legs .

1 month ago

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    • Haha. Nice work. Fuk the boss

    • You are a disgusting pig. And I'm a dude. I hope you never find a job again.

    • What you are doing is technically poisoning. The company did a good thing by firing you.

    • You can't collect unemployment if you've been fired. You're a lying nit wit.

    • You’re just an asshole, that simple,,

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