Teenage Lesbian Relationship

I'm 28 and have always been a woman excited by younger girls. I have been involved with women since my school days. I recently met a girl 16 whilst out shopping. We were in the same shop and began to talk about clothes. There was a huge rush of adrenaline as we chatted and i asked her to have a coffee with me. Over coffee we exchanged numbers and started chatting via social media and texts. We have been involved in a sexual relationship for 3 months now and and it's truly exciting and fulfilling. We are spending time together which is becoming difficult to hide from others. One of my closest friends know as i completely trust her. I think others have their suspicions but are not saying anything. She makes me feel so alive fulfilled. I hope it lasts :)

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  • My older brother and I were raised by our mother without a father figure. Our mother was a very good parent, she was very open and honest about our sexuality. She explained the good and bad things about sex, when I was 12 years old she taught me how to masturbate and were and what my clitoris was. My first sexual experience was with another girl, we were both 16 years old. I told my mother, I guess I'm bisexual, I really enjoyed being with a woman, Rachel told me that she is bisexual

  • Thank you so much for sharing 😊

  • Jail bait

  • Age is just a figure

  • I have no problem with that at all. Good luck to you both! UK or USA?

  • Go for it, it's anyone's dream to have teen pussy, enjoy it while she's interested.

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