Watched husband's friend stroke it

We have my husband's friend staying with us for a few days until he finds a new apartment. I know him a little but not too well. He's good looking and nice. My husband was at work and his friend and I were alone since I had the day off.

I came back from shopping and his friend was at the desk in our living room stroking his cock to porn. He apologized when I caught him, but I said that I didn't believe him. I said he could have done it quite privately in the bathroom. He then admitted that he wanted me to see, because he thinks I'm attractive and he has fantasized about me.

I pulled up a chair and watched him stroke himself a bit. The show he was watching was kinda hot too. We chatted about it, and when he was close to getting off I noticed he didn't have a towel or anything nearby so I had him cum in my coffee cup. His load was thick & plentiful, so hot and sexy. I took a drink from my cup but tbh I didn't taste anything like cum, because I had so much creamer in my coffee anyway. He's only staying with us for two more days, but I'd like to see him stroke one out again. His cock is beautiful.


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  • Why didnt you help?

  • Had an old frat buddy stay with me. Something similar happened. My wife told about it. I told her that I was okay with mutual masterbation but no intercourse. The last week they were together they watched alot of porn and masturbated in front of each other.

  • That’s what she tells you, but she lied.

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