I just love chubby black women.

Man do I love chubby black babies. They make me so hard. The first time I had one I didn't want it to end. She had the sweetest pussy . I could have licked her for hours . She gave me the best blowjob. Swallowed all my cum. Then when I got on top of her and she grabbed my ass it was like being in heaven. I filled her full of my seed. She spread her twat wide open and I could see deep inside her . I saw all my cum in her sexy hot pussy. I don't even want to look at another white woman. I'm always checking out the sexy hot black babies. I love a nice big thick bushy cunt, and big fat droopy tits, and a wide ass. Especially love big thick thighs wrapped around me. Their hair is so soft . The one I was with had long hair . You'd think it was course but it was so soft . When she was on top of me and her hair touched my chest my toes tightened up and my cock was throbbing . Black tail is awesome . Listen my white Brothers. Try a sister they will take you to a new higher level. When you feel that awesome pussy around your pole you will know it's right.

3 months ago


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    • I love most their thick black pussy lips shining with her juices. Pull the lips apart and behold!! the glorious and inviting pink slit with erect large clit to suck on.... The musky odor is an extra on when you eat her pussy! Those of older women look like buffalo-pussy and your hot hard-on will glide in at ease to fuck for hours.

    • I love this pussy of this BBW aged 55. The fat pussy lips are quite mouthful and taste heavenly. Within sucking on them there is her 1" erect clit to suck on. Every time I gave her 4-5 orgasms then plow her pussy deep and rough ... missionary or doggie!!

    • You’ve only had one chubby black woman now your an expert

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