Dad i need stockings ...humm ? he said i need stockings to go with my skirt ...he said you mean pantyhose? no dad that's for old women they don't make them anymore regular stockings're to young to wear stockings dad don't be an old person......he finally takes me to the mall and i found them but then i said i needed thongs.....NOWAYY he said ...that's not happening you're to young to wear thongs ....please dad please please please ...honey thongs make the pussy horny and you're to young for i said thongs don't do that don't be silly..
After i got thongs we got home and i wore the stockings and the thongs jut so he could see ...he approved the look and was surprised my pubic hair wasn't sticking out everywhere .....i pulled the thongs down and showed him that i completely shave ....he pulled me closer and pulled my thongs up giving me a wedgy and told me i show a good camel toe i laughed and he turned me around and asked me to bend over i did spreading my legs slightly before long he ran his thumb across my pussy moved my thong aside and his thumb went in me i pushed into his thumb going down to his knuckle and ..before long he stood up and his hard cock found my pussy and went in i braced myself against the glass table and he pounded ..i could feel his hard cock way deep in me ..i rubbed my clit till i had a huge uncontrollable Orgasm ....he held my hips and he drove himself deeper i had to push him away as he spewed his seed deep in me.....i looked at him and told him he was crazy for coming inside me so deep .....he told not to worry he has a vasectomy after i was born .....that's the reason i divorced your mother she gave birth to someone else baby while we were married ..

19 days

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    • Good imagination and good article

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