Would you dom me

To anybody into BDSM, would you dom a girl that's 5'1" and 110 pounds? Literally every single person I fuck refuses because they say I'm too tiny and they don't want to hurt me, even though that's kinda the point. It's frustrating.

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  • If you want to be tied up and spanked hard, have your nipples bitten, forced to take a cock down your throat then give me your email and we will talk

  • I'm also looking for this, i'm an 18 y/0 white female, 5'7" & 125lbs. i have tattoos and pericings, and i'm just looking for a temporary or one-time thing. email me if you're in providence, ri or orlando, fl s.kirby.work@gmail.com

  • I would love to be your Dominant partner and I would make all your deepest desires & fantasies come true.

  • It's hard for a person who does not understand sub that you want it to hurt. Not to die but giving up control. You want him to absolutely enjoy himself. If inflicting pain is his thing then you accepting it is your gift to him. If it is just a consequence or bi product than again it's a demonstration of your sacrifice to him. Vanilla people never understand that. The last thing you want is him asking if your ok or is it hurting too much. You want him totally in charge and in control and enjoying himself. When he is done for him to demand something from you.

  • I have done this for girls young and old for many years,I'm now 61 very muscular,athleticly tho not a huge body builder type,have many toys,vibrators,dildos,cuffs and butt plugs and nipple clamps(can be used on pussy lips too) very into over the knee spanking too;recently had a girl from Yorkshire that had never experienced orgasm even when toying herself,she had 15 big ones in a 90 minute session with me and left on jelly legs,so any ladies in the uk in need of this kind of action you know where to "cum"

  • If they fear hurting you theydon't know what they are doing. They could even kill you. Look for some knowledge at least.

  • Absolutely,

  • You're dating the wrong type of guy. These limp dick, metrosexual, 20-something guys have no idea how to be an alpha male. I'm 48yo and focus on DOM/SUB relationships with girls in their young 20s almost exclusively. They're starving for real male attention, someone to take charge, pick the restaurant, open the car door, pull out their chair, order for them, take charge in the bedroom, tell them what to do, how to do it right, make them a woman, etc. Girls are STARVING for this type of attention.

  • I'm in my forties and about to embark on my first DD/ls relationship. I am thrilled. I didn't even know this was what I'd been wanting really. We haven't articulated that this is what's happening, but it is so clear. It's going to be a great year.

  • Oh, god. I would dom you and I'm a woman. I could bring my big, muscular friend over. So exciting. Love that dynamic.

  • Yes I would. Cuffs clamps, toys whips and fucked regularly how I want and when I want

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