My wife's nudism is driving me crazy!

My wife and I are both in our mid-50s and have been married over 30 years. We did not engage in pre-marital sex so it wasn't until our wedding night that I discovered she wasn't really interested in sex--e.g., she recoiled the first time I went down on her, so I stopped doing that immediately (even though I thoroughly enjoy it). She did allow me to fuck her early on, but only when she felt like it and even then it was occasionally at best. When she got pregnant with our third child in 1994, our sex life was officially over.

But here's the deal...

After having our three kids, she became an avid "power walker" and a work-out/yoga fanatic and has gotten her body to the point where it's even better (and hotter) than it was in our 20s. Her tits are on the smaller end of the scale (36B), but then I've never been a "tit man." It's her curves and her ass and her long legs that turn other guys' (of all ages) heads. Plus she's incredibly firm and well-toned.

Two years ago, we moved from a northern city to a more southern one that's definitely more humid in the summertime. Of course we have air conditioning. Nevertheless, my wife has taken to only wearing her little ankle socks around the house. Yes, you read that right. Only her ankle socks. So essentially she's completely naked. Her original excuse was the summertime humidity, but it's even extended into both spring and fall.

On top of this, our new house is on a cul-de-sac that's at the highest elevation in our subdivision--so high, in fact, that our backyard overlooks the rooftops of the houses behind us. So the people behind us can't see into our backyard at all. And because we're on a cul-de-sac, neither of our neighbors can see us when we're on our patio without physically walking all the way to the back of their property--which they never do, because they're both in their 70s and 80s. So my wife has started lounging on our patio in the nude. Says it relaxes her and that the sunshine feels good on her body.

My wife is nude around the house practically all the fucking time now. She sleeps in the nude, she cooks in the nude, she eats in the nude, we watch TV together with her in the nude. And she refuses to have sex with me. When I tell her that her nudism is driving me crazy--that I fantasize about her all the time--she just smiles and says:

"You're so sweet. You can beat off in front of me anytime you want if that will make you feel better. But you have to clean up any mess that you make and do NOT get it on our nice wood floor or any of our rugs!"


P.S. Since somebody is bound to ask, I've always kept myself in good shape. I'm 5'11" with a trim 175# build.

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  • My wife is nude most of the time around the house which sometimes leads to some unusual events. When the door bell rings she has to hustle to cover up. Several times I have answered the door before she can put on a cover up. Sorta funny several of our friend have gotten a full view of her naked. We just blow it off saying either she was getting ready to shower or something like that. As far as sex goes I sorry to let you know she is always in the mood for sex and that nude body gets plenty of attention. My question to you do you walk around the house naked too. I do now and then and two naked bodies in the house almost always lead to sex out our house.

  • My wife's always been pretty active, even before me -- she sowed her wild oats. But she get in bedroom slumps. I figured out she's in to fantasy -- everyone is really. I play a stranger handyman with a tool belt, Mr Cummings. She's like wild whore. I should be jealous, she makes believe I'm Cummings. We get a cash $100 week allowance for for lunch, gas and stuff. She's always broke by Thur, I must have $2,000 saved of mine. Did I say she has a prostitute fantasy. $20 for a blow job, $40 for all the way. And she's the best at it, but again makes believe I'm a stranger John, set up by her make believe pimp. She's always up for outdoor sex -- maybe your nudie is too. I would go as far as letting a buddy fuck her, if that jump starts her engine -- have a buddy hit on her.

  • You hitched your wagon to a true asexual. Too bad. She'll never change.


  • Wish I was your ups guy or mailman

  • My new wife and I walk around nude all the time at home. In the winter, we just keep it warm enough to stay naked. We both have hot bodies and she looks fantastic. Unlike your wife though, we have sex most every day for the past five years. She warned me when we were dating that her sex drive was like five times higher than other women.

    Some women, and men, are just not sexual people. Sex just doesn't interest them at all. Unfortunately, you sound like you've got one of them. It's very unfair for her to make you go without though. She should let you have friends with benefits to take care of your needs.

  • Friends with benefits. Hmmmmm. Believe it or not I've never even considered that. But I can think of at least two neighbors that she might be cool with (they flirt with me a lot and their husbands ignore them).

  • Good for you she is a nudist, sorry about the sex end of it. Having a nudist wife makes life that much more fun. My wife is eye candy anyway but to see her naked everywhere about the house sure is a motivator. I stay in shape as well as I know she can have her pick . I'm lucky in this time in marriage she makes sure I'm well taken care of sexually. My 1st marriage was a sexless one and that is off the scale difficult to handle.

  • Yes you're very see your hot wife nude all the time. How often do you just fuck her brains out whether she's expecting it or not?

  • Either you didn't read the story, or, comprehension isn't your strong suit.

  • Here's what I'd do. I'd install micro-cams all around the house with a live feed to the internet. Post it someplace like Jackinchat for everybody to see. Then you could fist yourself over all the filthy comments that others are making about your wife. It would serve her right. Sounds like a real cunt.

  • She’s obviously messing with you. That’s spouse abuse for men. Divorce that bitch

  • So buddy are you getting used to wanking with condoms on so you don't make a mess ?

  • I really think you should discuss being locked in a cock cage with her as the keyholder

  • " AARRGGHH !" ? WTF ? Did you just cum from your own pathetic post ?

  • My, but your life is a crazy little puzzle of your own design with more than a few pieces missing. She never liked sex from day one, but, she popped out three kids. It takes a fair amount of FUCKING to do that. And, she becomes this nudist, and it's driving you crazy...what a fucking laugh ! No, the thing is YOU don't like sex. And, that's fine, it's like you said, " some people are like that ". So, that brings us to, for what reason are you on here, whining ?

  • Actually, didn't require "an awful lot of FUCKING" to get her pregnant. First pregnancy happened after maybe a dozen fucks, second after about 8-9 fucks, third after only 4 fucks.

  • Better get used to pulling yourself off but don't make a mess, looser

  • Dude, she is your wife....if you want sex after all the teasing just take that pussy.

  • Unfortunately it's more complicated than that. She made it very clear to me from the start of our marriage that she just wasn't interested in sex. Strange as this might sound, there are people who are like that...both men and women. And I love and respect her too much to force myself on her. Just because she's wife doesn't mean she's my property to do with however I please. Not bashing your comment...I get it.

  • So pathetic. She owns you, you little cuck bitch.

  • And what's so bad about being owned?

  • Invite some friends over for drinks

  • Maybe I will. Not tell her in advance. It would serve her right. Mike and Kathy down the street. Pretty sure Mike has a thing for her. It would be interesting to see what happens.

  • “Pretty sure mike has a thing for her”? Are you certain she and mike aren’t having s e x? Or are you certain she isn’t having s e x w anyone else?

  • No, not sure she's having sex with others, but I have my suspicions. I do travel a lot on business and am out of town at least two nights every week. Kids are all grown so that leaves her alone in the house with plenty of room to fuck around in. If she is having sex with somebody else (male or female), I really wouldn't mind at all if she'd at least let me watch.

  • She just suggested a deal so take her up on it - she gets to be nude all the time and you get to beat off all the time and make sure you cum on her tits and pussy. seems reasonable to me.

  • I like this idea and will definitely bring it up to her.

  • Thanks so much for this suggestion! I asked her if she'd at least let me cum on her pussy and asshole while she posed for me doggy-style and she's cool with it so long as I clean her off. With my tongue, I asked? She just sort of smirked at that one. "Whatever floats your boat, honey" was her response.

    But, hey, thanks again for the suggestion!

  • Shes a lesbian

  • Possibly, but that wouldn't bother me.

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