Love to chat about Wife’s hot past, fantasies

Anyone else like to hear about their wife’s hot past, or talk about fantasies they have about their wife?

10 months ago

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    • Absolutely!!
      I often ask my wife to share her sexual experiences ---- full on fucking; car blow jobs; being fingered in pool or his car, or her car; shared butt licking; being eaten; necking with co-workers or bosses, etc.
      Sometimes she shares the times she's flashed her panties to co-workers, bosses, waiters, cute guys in stores, shoe clerks, ---sometimes by accident - often quite on purpose!

      When she's riding me or sucking me I'll ask her to imagine the view she'd be offering to a couple of her father's friends, or sexy bosses or co-workers, who are in the room with us.....looking up between her legs at her pussy and butt hole as she's atop me.....and how they would be jacking off watching her...or they would not be able to take it any longer, and step forward and stick their tongue or dick into her butt or pussy!
      When she imagines this she always cums really really hard!

    • My husband repeatedly asks for stories from my past, or fantasies of mine during sex. Not sure how to go on about this. I sometimes entertain his requests, but it feels like he's after stories a lot more pornographic than reality.

    • When you keep him satisfied --- he'll have no desire to look elsewhere!
      My wife shares - and I have NO desire for any other woman.

    • I love the little “remnants” of my wife’s slut phase: the scar on her tongue from when she had it pierced, and her multicolored butterfly tramp stamp. Every time I’m fucking her from behind, I look down and think about the cum that was blown onto that tat.

    • Just out of college she (Lilly)notice her hot married boss had an eye for her. So she showered him with blowjobs. He'd take her to lunch every Fri, then fuck her in his van and giver the rest of the day off. Why tell me I asked. "The janitor caught us naked after hours -- I was giving him a blowjob -- you're going to hear it, better from me." The guy had a harem; 2 other 20s in her office, a barmaid at the restaurant in their campus, and a bank teller. He was mid 40s.
      Boss bought the Janitor a box of Jamaican Cigars, when HR intervened him he said that was just gossip.
      "sewing my wild oats, I was putting whores out of business."
      Xmass Party with one of the other girls in that group: Lilly, your just a whore who found a pair of glasses.

    • Yes

    • If you care to chat about it, exchange stories or fantasies leave me your email I will get in touch. I am not too much into trading pics.

    • Fantasies mostly for my part various topics and family members

    • I love to talk about my wife's sex life to anybody that gets turned on hearing about it, her past sex life, i have talked to her sister, niece and her mother, and a couple of her closest friends, they all , in varying degrees, seemed to enjoy hearing about it, the blunt talk about fucking turns them on.

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