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Knelt up on our leather couch naked, with my friend Jay behind me fucking my asshole, my father and his youngest brother walk in.
They're supposed to be out fishing, but apparently the torrential rain stopped their two day trip.
My mom was out shopping with my sister, so I took the opportunity to have Jay call by and fuck me. This after sucking on his dick for some time.
Only just as Jay was cumming up my ass, my dad and my uncle walk in.
I was completely embarrassed and felt awful and a little regretful for my dad. He didn't know up until that point I was bisexual. In fact my dad thought I was the all American kid, someone who had a girlfriend and seen as a 'real man'.
They walked right back out, but not before I saw my uncle looking at me with leering eyes as my cock exploded and I came all over the sofa beneath me. He too didn't know I'd enjoyed guys fucking me since I was fifteen.
For weeks my dad wouldn't talk to me. Yet he didn't shout me out either. I later found out my mom had a word with him and eventually he told me it was my life and he shouldn't judge.
I could tell he was disappointed though, but not as disappointed as if he knew what happened two months after that fuck on the couch.
My uncle text to say he was calling by. He knew my mom and dad were away for a couple of days and he knew my sister would probably be at her friends house. I text back telling Greg I was alone.
I knew. Ever since the day he witnessed me being fucked, he would make suggestive remarks. Like "How's that asshole of yours. Has it seen any dick of late". Or "Seven inches of prime southern meat in these shorts boy".
It was all to tease me, and I suspected then knew, it was to get me thinking of him fucking me.
The text to say he was calling by, was something I expected.
There was no pretense when he walked int our home. Straight away Greg took his shorts and boxers off and told me to 'attend' to him.
His cock although about the same length as my friends, it was far thicker. Sinking down on the rug in front of the fireplace, I took a hold of his meaty cock and opened my mouth.
My uncle fucked my mouth like many guys fuck pussy and ass. He literally pounded my mouth and held my head tightly to make sure when i was gagging a few times, i couldn't move. All the time telling me how much of a cock whore I was.
But Greg wasn't satisfied with just having me blow him. Lifting me up like I was a rag doll, he tossed me onto the sofa and told me to strip. I was naked in no time and felt him getting behind me. His hands spread my ass cheeks, then I felt his hot breath and tongue begin to lap at my asshole.
It was awesome as he went crazy for my butt and asshole. Licking it, biting it somewhat and delving his tongue deep up my hole. He was getting me ready and I knew it was only a matter of time before he wanted to fuck me.
Telling me he was going to fuck me hard, he gave me absolutely no time to get used to his cock as he drove it deep up my ass in one long thrust.
It wasn't what you might call love making. Greg completely destroyed my asshole over the next fifteen minutes.
First fucking me doggy, then flipping me over and sliding his cock up my asshole in the missionary position. He hammered away like a man possessed and I loved it. Squeezing my nipples he told me from then I was his, and he just kept on fucking me hard.
Without any warning my cock let go and I came all over my stomach and chest. I'd not even considered my own orgasm, yet it didn't matter as he pounded away at my ass.
As soon as I calmed down from the orgasm, Greg moved us again. This time he spooned me and it was then he kissed me for the first time. Still fucking my ass, he made me arch and crane my neck to kiss him.
He fucked and fucked me until I felt his cock throb like mad in my ass and then his cock pulsed so strongly and he came filing my asshole with his hot sticky cum.
We lay together, with my uncle and I kissing. I thought he was spent as his breathing quietened. But Greg's cock began to rise again and when he stopped our kissing, he lifted my legs right over my head making my asshole totally open to him.
Looking down on me, he held his cock forwards and slid it back into my cum laden hole. He fucked me much slower than the first time, and it felt so different from any other time I'd had a guys cock up my ass.
Letting my legs drop, he too dropped down so he was lay on top of me missionary. Kissing me again, he slowly kept up the rhythm until we were both moaning with pleasure and in a first for me, I came for a second time, right at the same moment my uncle came deep inside my bowels.
My father hasn't got a clue as to why I visit his youngest brother so much these days. We're talking again now and I hope his values and thoughts about me have changed for the good.
I'm not so sure that would be the case, if he knew his brother was fucking me four to five times week.

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