Finally had my as* eaten and pounded for the first time!!

Ok so I’m. A 30 year old good looking white guy average build with a nice cock I’m an absolute freak by nature always been straight but discreetly always has no curiosity. Since I was a young teen I’ve had the idea of what it would be like to suck a dick and be pounded and just submissive to being abused by a big cock. Years I tried to find a nice hung regular bud to explore my curiosity but never happened. Well about 2 months ago I got a message on snapchat one of the people that follow me asking to fix his air conditioner. I went over fixed it and exchanged numbers Incase any other problems arose. Well in the weeks following up to 2 weeks ago. We exchanged texts and when I would drink I would message him more. Discreetly wanting to be dominated I finally drink texted him 2 Thursday’s ago and was naked and ass up when he got here. No words no hesitation he started tonguing my ass passionately getting into I I raised and arched my back and just gave into it. After awhile he finally slide his dick in me and I just lost it started throwing my self back trying long strokes his dick in and out of me. Honestly after being straight all my life I can honestly say it felt so good to just be submissive and give into my curiosities/desires. Definitely looking forward to the next time he can stretch my throat and ass out!!!

10 months ago


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    • Sounds fun

    • It was. Not just the only time either we’ve linked 4 times since than and the last time I pulled out the restraints and had him restrain me on my back arms tied and legs tied to my arms and he just pounded me out stopping suddenly and h shoved his tongue as deep as he could in my ass. Definitely gonna be an on going thing. So amazing

    • Was the best time I’ve had so far. Just messaged him I need my ass ate again tonight.

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