Can't quit him

I'm 25f and married to a guy who's a little older (37). Our relationship is good and I have no complaints. We just moved to a new neighborhood and have a nice house. My husband is a great provider.

Here's the thing. Our neighbors are great, and I've struck up a friendship with the neighbor's son. He's 19 and a freshman at the local college and we have a ton in common. We like the same bands, enjoy reading the same books, and we're both into cycling, so we go out riding all of the time, sometimes with his friends too. You can't have that much in common with someone without having chemistry and feeling a little attracted, you know?

About a month ago he came back to my place and we chatted over coffee and yeah, flirted a bit too, talking about sex and stuff. My husband was at work. Nothing happened that day, but he kept coming over and within a week we kissed. Within another week we were fucking each other's brains out, and hands down he is the best fuck I've ever had.

It's gotten to the point where I can't wait for my husband to leave so I can call him over to play. Even the anticipation gets me in a lather. I even hosted him and one of his friends once, and we fucked all afternoon until we were a pile of creamed, trembling flesh. It was the best sex I've had in my life.

There's no way I'm ever leaving my husband, as I love him and there is nothing wrong with our relationship. My husband treats me well. I just can't stop fucking the neighbor. He's like a drug. I can't seem to shake this problem and get over him.


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  • "There's no way I'm ever leaving my husband, as I love him and there is nothing wrong with our relationship." If he knows about all this then there is nothing wrong. If he doesn't know, then there is something very wrong. If what you're doing is right by the relationship you would have been able to tell him in advance about your attraction to the freshman and he would be okay with it. You didn't tell him so you on some level may think he wouldn't be okay with any of it, if this is the case then you're just doing something wrong by him behind his back.

  • Off course your playing around you got married young and before you got your
    exploring and experimenting done.

  • This may bite you in the ass some day, so be careful, hubby may not be as stupid as you think he is.

  • Don't stop. I love my wife, but sex with other women is amazing.

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