Lesson learned

When I got pregnant at an early age my father was furious I guess due to the stress of the situation I suffered a miscarriage or maybe it was because I was a bit young ….. my mother died due to an overdose so my father became a single parent … he was always asking me about what was I doing or where am I at..so I confronted him one time and said don't worry that I'm not getting pregnant...he explained you better not it's to early in your life for that.. well I did enjoy it I said …. you shouldn't be having sex this early specially unprotected sex... well dad not all boys have condoms.....he got really mad at this conversation and said he was going to put me on birth control … a few months went by and I asked him about the birth control issue he looked at me and said I guess you're in need of sex,,,i smiled and said of course it's awesome.. with in a month I was in a prescription and every morning he would remind me to take it.
then one Saturday he was reminding me to take it I told him no worries dad i'm all set ,,,are you positive ? yup ready to go so he says let's test it out .. what do you mean ? he picks me up puts me on the kitchen table and lifts my night shirt and goes down on me my goodness never had I had that done it was wonderful I didn't want him to stop I held his face in my pussy as he sucked my lips and clit just when I was about to get off he stopped opened his robe and his huge cock entered me it hurt I felt like I was being ripped open and after awhile he finally got it all in telling me to rub my pussy as he slid in and out balls deep I got off in less then 5 minutes he pushed himself all in closed his eyes and I could feel his huge cock pulsating deep inside me ….after he got his composure he got off me and it seemed like Niagara falls was coming out of my pussy it was big huge globs of cum running out of me and dripping on the floor when I propped myself up a gush of cum squirted out of me …. then he said we'll see if the birth control worked I laughed causing more cum to come out … wow dad it looks like you needed a good fuck …… we get it on quite often although sometimes it's embarrassing when I have sex with my boyfriend my pussy lets out gurgling noises because he's not as big or thick like my fathers


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  • That's why your father wanted you on the pill lol. If enjoy sex with your dad then continue. As long as it's consensual and you stay on the pill then I see no problems

  • What a great story. Keep sleeping with your father, sounds like you two satisfy eachother.

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