Searching for my wife

I've been all over the internet looking for nudes of my wife. She was an admitted whore before we got together and I'm sure someone out there has pics or hopefully vids of her. She's from Kansas, was in the army Reserve, and deployed out of ft. Riley twice around 2003 to 2005. If you have her email me at I have more recent pics and vids I'll share.

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  • I'm searching too for my wife's from the 70s. No one thought of the internet, she freely posed for shutterbugs and boyfriends. I didn't know this, thought i was only one she posed for. -- till i stumbled on one of her posed naked by a scenic mountain backdrop. "You never asked, bet guys took 1,000 of me, some paid me money for a photo class." She also did bra ads that I didn't know about. She wasn't a whore, built like a brick shithouse - liked to flaunt for guys she felt safe with, even some women. Had Playboy offer but she had great job, and there's a lot more to that than posing a couple days.

  • Did you find them? Post them somewhere and share the link. I want to see your wife's tits

  • Haven't found any yet

  • You said you had recent pics. Can we see those?

  • Only for trade.

  • I'll trade

  • Did you email?

  • I went to school with this girl was super nice and hot as fuck. She was a bookworm and didn't ever date much in school. I tried to ask her out several times, but only ever got her to go to Prom with me. She went away to college out of state and when she graduated she moved back home. She and I hooked up and eventually got married. We had 2 kids and started living the family life. One day a coworker of mine who I regularly hang out with outside of work told me he happened across some sex videos on the internet and the woman looked like my wife. I told him to send them to me, to which he did. I told him that woman on the video wasn't my wife, but the truth is, she was most definitely my wife, no mistaking the small birthmark on her right butt cheek. I watched 7 different videos of her fucking. Some with her and just one guy, and some with her and several guys. I realized that I never asked my wife about her sexual past in college because I just assumed she was the same as in highschool. I eventually asked my wife about the videos and although she admitted that it was her, she never wanted to talk about it, just saying she was "trying to find herself" whatever the hell that means. So yes, I married a slut.

  • Me too.

  • Send them please

  • Where are you from Scottie?

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