Couldn’t be happier

So I work 3rd shift. Get off usually around 7am. Home by 7:30. Last Friday the plant sent everyone home 3 hours early because a truck carrying parts wrecked. So I went on home. Walked in the door and headed back to the bedroom. I walked in the bedroom to see my wife and one of her close friends, Jessie naked having sex.

The bedroom lights were off but they had candles lit everywhere. When I first saw them Jessie was on top of my wife missionary style. They were heavily making out and Jessie was gyrating her pussy against Megan’s. Amidst the kissing, Megan says, “I’ve been thinking about you all day. I couldn’t wait for you to come over.” Jessie said, “You act like we don’t have sex like every day.” Megan said, “Hey! A girl can miss her girlfriend, right?” Jessie said, “Awe baby. That’s sweet. I love you.” Megan said, “I love you too babe. Now fuck me!”

Jessie got off Megan and Megan leaned to her side. Jessie repositioned herself on her side and they started scissoring. It wasn’t 5 minutes later that Jessie said, “Oh my god. I’m close baby.” Megan said, “Already? Damn, you must be horny.” Jessie said, “You know I’m good for a few more.” They continued to scissor and they embraced and made out while they grinded their pussies.

This is when I walked back out and came back in and acted like I hadn’t seen anything. I walked in saying, “Hey babe. We got off work early uh…”

Both of them jerked away and Megan said, “Derek. Oh my god. What are you doing home?” I said, “Got off early. Question is…what are you doing?” Megan had repositioned herself to be sitting up with her back against the back of the bed. Jessie was sitting between her legs with her back against Megan’s chest. Megan had her arms around Jessie. Jessie was holding Megan’s hand. She said, “No sense trying to make something up. Jessie and I were obviously having sex.” I said, “I can see that.” She said, “You don’t sound mad.” I said, “Well, remember when I told you I wanted to see you with another woman and you told me you weren’t into women?” She said, “I know. I lied. I’m sorry.” I said, “How long has this been going on?” She said, “Sunce you got put on thirds.” I said, “I got put on 3rds like 2 years ago.” She said, “Uh huh.” I said, “You two have been having sex for 2 years?!?” She said, “Are you mad?” I said, “Mad? No. How many times a week?” She said, “Oh my god don’t kill me…every night you’re at work.” I said, “Are you telling me you’re a lesbian?” She said, “Lesbian? No. I still very much enjoy having sex with you. I just really enjoy having sex with Jessie too.” I said, “5 times. Week for 2 years. That’s like 500 times!” She said, “I can’t help it that I’m horny and you aren’t home. Can you do me a favor?” I said, “What is that?” She said, “Give us some privacy so we can finish? Go get a shower and get something to eat. Their is pot roast in the fridge. When you’re done you can come back in and we will satisfy you.” I said, “Did I hear you right? You said we?” She said, “Yes. Jessie and I will. Just this once.”

3 months ago

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