The sluttiest thing I've ever done

I find strangers online through kinky personals to meet in person.

My requirements are that they be tall, big (muscular or fat) black men (the darker the better). They have to be assertive and enjoy fucking petite, blonde, feminine, older white ladies in the ass. If they like to get a little rough, it's even better. They also must be really good at cunnilingus and must wear condoms. I don't do blowjobs and I won't let them fuck my pussy.

This has been incredibly easy to accomplish. Most black guys appear to love anal sex and eating pussy. (I've also discovered that I get off from having my butthole licked.) They'd prefer getting a blowjob but are actually okay with knowing they won't get one.

We meet for a few drinks so I can get a little buzz on. I begin feeling horny and it relieves some nervousness and makes me less likely to resist or chicken out. We then decide where we'll go. I've been fucked in my car, his car, in the parking lot bent over the car, in the men's room of the bar-restaurant, a hotel, a bench in a park and once at the guy's house. I get wet just thinking about it.

So far it's been easy to find guys for this but not a couple guys at once, so that's still on the bucket list. I've heard about women who go dogging but that would be too difficult to lay down rules and most black men don't seem to be into that. Besides I have no idea where nearby me one does that.

I've been slapped and spanked, and had my hair pulled, but I've never been roughed up so it's always been good. Some of the men have wanted to meet again but I like the anonymity of it and like feeling forced by a stranger who just wants to fuck me and leave me.

I've never gotten bored by this and usually do it about every two or three months. It just starts building up in my mind and I wake up feeling aroused having dreamt about it, or find myself daydreaming about it, so I begin my search again. I'm sure some people would call it slutty behavior or being a whore but it excites me because it definitely feels improper and naughty.

10 months ago


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    • At a trendy nightclub in the 70's a girl buddy wrote this about me on the Ladies Room wall with my number: Super nice guy to talk to. Just talk, or meet him -- maybe you never had cunnilingus -- he can fix that and loves doing it. He does it for me and I sometimes give him a hand job -- or not-- Give him a call, he's up till 3AM.
      10 called. met 6, licked 5, hand job from 3, blowjob from 1 -- wrote a Psychology paper using Jane Doe1, Jane Doe 2, etc - my Chick prof gave me an A+ and always looked at me in a flirty way.

    • I dump young ladies who want suck my dick. I love blowjobs but the real reason, they're selfish cunts.

    • A really odd point of view. Somebody sucking cock seems like a very unselfish thing to do.

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