Aunt play

When I was a teenager, my uncle married a woman quite a bit younger than himself. I don't remember, guessing she was 19 or 20 years old at the time. Me being 14 and horny all the time, had the hots for her. I would follow her around flirting with her. My mom bitched at me and told me to stop, but my uncle just thought it was funny. And because he thought it was funny, I naturally ramped it up a notch. The flirting got so bad, I was actually popping her on the ass as she walked by. She would giggle and playfully tell me to stop.

So my grandpa passed away and my parents were going to the funeral on the west coast. Obviously my uncle went too. My mom didn't want to leave me alone, but she also didn't want me missing school, so she asked my aunt if she would stay at my house. My mom told me to be good, but that didn't work. I started flirting hard with her, even going so far as to show her my dick. She finally looked at me and said she would show me her tits if I stopped smacking her ass and showing her my dick. I told her she had to show me her pussy too.

I would love to tell you she stripped and we fucked, but that would be a lie. She did show me her tits and her pussy, which I vigorously jacked off to later that night. I still remember her pert little titties and her landing strip shaved pussy.

10 months ago

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    • Many years ago when I was 14/15, I sometimes stayed with my aunt and uncle. When my uncle was out at work aunt would join me in the shower and give me a wank while I played with her tits. She would get me to spunk over her tits but would not give me a blow job and neither did we have sex. Happy days for my age then.

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