Use my wife for masturbation

I just love other men to use pictures of my wife to jerk off over!
I love nasty and filthy chat about her, can't get enough! She is unaware about this.

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  • I like to do talk to other men about my virgin fiancée and share her nudes (which she’s given me permission to do). I love knowing that they’re getting off to her nudes, and especially her virgin pussy, as they tell me how they’re going to deflower her. I fucking love it!

  • Men like you are the scum of the earth (:

  • You should join Interactive Male (Google it). It's advertised as a gay chat line but there are plenty of guys in their "live connector" who are married bisexuals who absolutely LOVE talking dirty about my wife. I've had role play phone conversations where I've cum so incredibly hard! I travel on business frequently so I always do this in the privacy of my hotel room. Check it'll find plenty of like-minded guys who'll be happy to listen to you get off while they tell you all about the filthy things they've been doing to your wife behind your back.

  • I highly recommend Interactive Male, too. It's relatively inexpensive and bills discreetly. And when you call in during their "Breakfast Club Special" (i.e., 6:00-7:00 a.m.), your account is not charged any time for use of the live connector. Great way to work off that morning wood!

  • So post your email and lets get some pics of that filthy little slut. Ill come all over her face and send it back to you :)

  • I want to send you nudes of my virgin fiancée. I’d love for you to send me back pics of her pussy covered in your cum.

  • I took a new out-of-state job a few years ago that required me to live away from my family for weeks at a time while my wife, Fran, stayed behind trying to sell our house. Our next door neighbor, Keith, had a thing for her and was always flirting with her. One day we were out in our backyard doing some yard work. Fran was wearing her cut-off shorts that really show off her spectacular legs when Keith strolls on over to chat. "So you guys are moving?" he asks (the for sale sign had just gone up that week). When I told him about my new job and that I'd only be coming home once a month, Keith told Fran she was going to have to get a boyfriend. Ha ha ha.

    The next day while Fran was out running some errands, I saw Keith on his driveway and I decided to call him on his little wisecrack. Keith was super embarrassed and started apologizing profusely when I cut him off by telling him I didn't mind it one bit. "In fact it turned me on." Keith's eyes went wide and I continued by telling him I'd started masturbating over thoughts of him fucking Fran. I asked him if he wouldn't mind calling me from time to time when I was alone iny out-of-state apartment and help me get off by telling me all about the filthy things he was doing with and to Fran in my absence. He agreed.

    And I told him I wouldn't mind it at all if the things he told me came true but only on one condition...

    He was NEVER to let Fran know that I knew about it. I just get so hard hearing Keith talking dirty about her.

  • I want to tell my neighbor that my fiancée is still a virgin, since he’s always checking her out, but I don’t know how to tell him.

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