Gay or bi

I have a friend that comes over for the weekends. When it is time to go to bed my friend insists we sleep naked since he sleeps naked at home. I figure hey we are guys so why not. The next morning I woke up with a boner and my friend stroking me. Even though I consider myself straight, it feels so good I stay pretend asleep so he will continue. One time he was rubbing me so rapidly I exploded all over myself. I don’t know if he realizes I am awake or not but he does it every weekend. Because I am enjoying it so much, does this mean I might be bi or gay?

18 days ago


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    • Sleeping naked is great. My wife introduced me to sleeping in the buff. We started dating when she was 17. Married her at 18. I was 19 then. If I went to sleep with anything on she would remove my clothes. I would wake up nude. She would smile and say the naked fairys came . I think you are probably all right though. Don't worry about it. As long as you aren't going the Hershey highway or bobbing for weiners your alright. If anyone strokes your cock your going to get aroused and shoot your wad. Your mother could produce the same reaction . Don't sweat it . Lay back and enjoy. Your not gay

    • If you're still fucking women during the week, I'd say you're bi. If not, yes, you're gay. But, katewife is right, why question it ? If you're enjoying it, and nobody is getting hurt, just accept how fluid sex can be.

    • I don’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. I do have a close friend who is gay and loves to play with me. Last night he was rubbing me while we were watching a movie with the family. Thank his we had a blanket lol.

    • When is your friend going to start breaking you in ?

    • Look stop trying to tell this dude he may be Bi we want him to be exclusively GAY and only interested in cock OK !!!

    • Hey sweetie, when your friend is around do you feel a little tingle in your fanny ?

    • When your friend starts fucking you, you should purchase a cock cage, lock it on and hand him the keys he will really love you for that plus you would always feel sexy and be vert eager to see him.

    • Gay? No. I would say just a horniness/bi scenario.

    • WOW I wish I had a nice young virgin fanny to train it would be just so fantastic. How are things progressing honey ?

    • Best if you purchase a begginers butt plug kit you get three butt plugs so start off wearing the smaller one then move up this will assist in elasticising your fanny in preparation of your initial mounting your new lover will appreciate it, hope you are getting ever so exited. After you are properly broken in I would love to give you a nice poke sweetie.

    • Would you be so kind as to advise when you have been broken into the gay lifestyle, and how much you enjoy gay love with your friend, I suspect that you would be the bottom, all the best darling.

    • He is really starting off slow with you breaking you in to be his nice loyal little fuck toy, after a while he will introduce you to some of his gay friends so they can have some fun, don't worry you will really like being gay.

    • Yes it certainly looks like your turning but also that you enjoy the attention should not be long and he will have his cock in your arse fucking you, then you know you are gay

    • Why label yourself? Enjoy what you enjoy and don't worry about it.

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