All my life iv been hearing whisper about how much my mom was a whore after she divorced my dad and I was young so I wouldn't understand back then but now when i think of it she was having sex with men and bought shame on our family name as year went by I knew my mom getting shagged upstairs while I used to play downstairs and just a about year ago I found out a deep secret about my mom that I only know of and she knows I know.

So about 2 3 year back I would hear my mom get fucked hear her bed bang her moaning and dirty talking and 1 night i herd sombody go toilet I open my bedroom door and peak and what I saw was its was my friends dad who been banging my mom all this and my mom full aware his a married men but she love his cock so much.

Eventually my mom confronted it to me and her side of the family like stop speaking to her for bringing shame but my mom was loving the fuck I would hear him say shell I cum inside u filthy hoe and worst part is a year later he raped my mom and give her daughter and he went back to his family his kids dont no but all is well.

14 days ago

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    • Guys he need to know that his mom a slag he guys dad left cuz she was cheating hoe

    • I hate my mom. She made my dad leave us. Then she turned me into a sissy . My mom is the reason I'm a pansy. She made me a homo.

    • I'd rape your mother how's that cum in her ass , pussy , and mouth.

    • Go fuck your mother asshole

    • Go fuck your mother 👩

    • More incest bull shit!

    • I was lucky enough to be able to watch my mother fucking our neighbor when I was 15 , I was in our basement getting my smokes that I had hidden , I heard my mother coming down the stairs and crawled upon the unfinished part and hid behind some stuff, she came down to wash some clothes, she had on nothing but what little she wore to sleep in , the guy from next door came in the basement door we had a couch down there , they began to fuck , saw her naked and fucked good with a big cock ,I shot off in my pants and have thought about that all my life, got my wife and a friend to do the same thing where I could see and fuck her too




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