Seen thing

This is a real thing that's happen no fake story or incest story it's something I gotta get of my chest and haven't told no 1 about this

My mom been divorced before I turned 15 and after the divorce she become more different like active on social media a lot chatting to random men and my mom asian muslim so she try to keep it on a low profile she a good looking woman for her late 30s nice caramel skin colour people do look at her and wouldn't believe it she a mom still got the young type of look.

So recently like the past year or so my mom been seeing someone or few guys at the time I don't really know just the guy come late night
So 1 night I was a awake and I herd the front door close around 1am and herd 2 people walking up the stair and went into my mom room I was puzzled thinking what going on so I stay in my room for about 10 15 min thinking what to do so I thought let me go investigate I went to go check as I was comming more close to my mom bedroom I can hear little moan and moving a lot so I decided to look threw the keyhole I really had to do know what was happing cuz this is very new to me so as I looked threw the key whole i can see my mom butt naked on her knees sucking a white cock my heart was beating fast i panicked seeing my mom take a white dick so I stayed there for a while watching that when I realised my mom like to do whore type of stuff cuz I herd my mom beg for his white dick and am just watching him fuck her like mad i started to think is she keep it on a low cuz it would bring shame on the family if they found out but tbh I like the fact that my muslim mom getting dominated by a white who got a foreskin cuz my mom be loving it and I was so shock that I witness my mom take it up the ass and get facial. She dont no I was watching and creeping around I had to find out.

I haven't met any that my mom know so am guessing it just a fuck but the thought of somebody beating my mom pussy so good does get me hard especially during lockdown when she has sex I wank to the sound of the moan and when I hear the loud thigh slapping on ass clapping sound really get me going

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  • LOL, All these comments were made by the same person, one after the other. Nice cut and past jobs. It's the same negative critiques over and over again.

  • I dont think it's a fake story I was in a similar situation

  • It is fake as they get!

  • Tell us more?

  • Shut the fuck up sister raper. How pathetic you must be to rape your sister! Cut your lady balls off! Sick ass hole.

  • Bull shit

  • Funny on how all key holes seem to be lined up with whatever someone is doing!
    I would put tape on them but skeleton locks haven't been used for 70 years.

  • It's completely fake loser.

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