I’m a guy in my thirty’s and was visiting a friend also in his thirties and we where watching tv when a sex seen came on my friend muted the tv and said just says be quiet my brother and girlfriend are in the other room I said uh ok and my friend pulls his dick out and starts stroking it kinda slowly at first then as fast as he could without making noise I actually got a boner watching him cum I want to see if he will come over to my house and jack off but I’m nervous

10 months ago


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    • I have a friend. We both are married but his wife is a prud when it comes to sex. He told me that he only gets laid about every other month. Always the same way. My wife is very open minded about sex. He comes over a couple times a week and we watch porn on the TV. And we jack off together. We will sit next to each other and play with each others cock. Sometimes my wife will help us out. He watches her pull on my balls and stritch them out. He says doesn't that hurt. I tell him that makes me cum fast. He's scared to let her do it to him. After we both cum we tastes each other's cum with are fingers I'm hoping that he will let me give him head soon.

    • Don’t get nervous about your friend was jacking off in front of you ! When it happens again! Just pull your dick out and start to jack off right next to him !
      You will never know what will happen next !
      You never know he might want to give me a blowjob! If he ask to suck you off just say yes and pull out your dick and let him d so icky you off you might enjoy it so much you might let him do it again ! I would definitely let him suck me off !

    • Yummy can I watch? x

    • Me two !

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