Big Latino banged my wife

My wife and I regularly would go to the mall, walk around and go to the food court and have coffee, usually because we were board. Several times this really large Latino guy (he looked like a professional wrestler) would walk by our table and smilling gave me a mocking look which said to me he could easly take my wife and fuck her and I couldn't do a thing about it. She didn't know, but I noticed in the past my wife would roll her eyes at certain men and look away. The next day she took the car saying she was going shopping. I didn't think about it then, but that night we were having sex and when I put my dick in, she wasn't tight like usual. A few days latter I was at the mall by myself, and the big Latino guy walks up to me, and leans over where his face is even with mine, and grins while moving his tongue in and out, letting me know he fucked my wife, laughing quietly as he walked away.
Thinking about it later, I became sexually excited because I know how good my wife can suck dick and fuck. When she is ready to have an orgasim, she gets louder and louder and hits those high notes, which always excited me.
I imagine he must have fucked her multiple times dropping hughes loads into my wife's pussy, and she give him a wet sloppy blow job. She was his whore and slut, probably doing some 69 too. I didn't see that guy again, and I didn't bring it up to my wife, but I think about when I jerk off, because it still gets my dick hard thinking about it.

2 months ago

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    • I would let her know what happened and that it got you sexually aroused! She will continue if she likes big cock and believe me I've never met one that doesn't my wife was big dick wish I could give it to her but she has to have others do that

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