Wife of 14 years. All of a sudden a freak in bed

We've been married 14 years. Our marriage is perfect. The love is there, emotion is there. I can't complain one bit. The sex started to get stale about 5+ years ago. Almost scheduled sex. Or better yet, in the morning, she'd be laying on her side.. I'd do the.. "Can I?" poke and rub.. I'd have to ask in the evening if she's coming to bed anytime soon.. AKA.. The HINT! She gave me BJ's prior to marriage, then it was few and far between. Basically just stopped unless she had been drinking and I requested it. Still wasn't her favorite.

Sex was normal. Different positions, we had only one vibrator that I purchased thinking to stimulate the bedroom.. She never used it. I'd have to grab it out of the drawer during our sex and use it on her. I'd put my thumb on her asshole while we were doggy style.. And she'd swipe my hand away. I honestly thought she grew up as someone that only had basic sex. Which is fine with me. I grew up experimenting with all positions, sexual adventures..etc. So the lack of adventure was ok because everything else in our life was perfect.

Fast forward to late 2020. She started reading more raunchy short stories on her phone. All of a sudden, the sex started turning into... A total shock for me. She wanted to be dominated a little bit. She would masterbate next to me while I was sleeping. The texting to meet me in bed were twice a day.. She asked if I'd buy some light dominatrix items. So I purchased a package of them. While we were in doggystyle.. I tried again and put my finger near her asshole and I heard.. "Put it in!" Then it turned into anal plugs.. Anal vibrators... 12 Inch dildo's... To this day, I'm still thinking.. WTF happened? She has turned into this sex addict right in front of my eyes.

I'm not complaining one bit. But then she became more opened to me. Asking if I'd done this, done that before. She told me about some of her relationships in the past about being strictly oral, or she did try anal a few times but didn't like it. And now she wants both holes plugged while fucking. We are heading to the Bahama's this weekend and she asked if we can pack some toys. I just can't get over the fact that we went 10 years of marriage with basic husband/wife sex. And now it's not "Can I do this to you?" It's "What are you going to do to me this time!"

It has definitely made me think a few times about infidelity and affairs. But we live a busy life and have kids, it's hard to even imagine her having time to cheat on me. I believe her reading these short stories that describe situations have opened her eyes to the possibilities of what the wants in bed. I'm a very happy kinky husband that has turned my late 40's into my 20's again.

I can't wait to see where this goes. The imagination is on overload!

10 months ago

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    • Enjoy,
      she probably was a bit worried you might be finding it stale, and figured why would you not wanna try something new as long as it was with her, why not

    • I have been married 35 years and have recently had a similar experience with my wife. In the last two months we have tried to be more open about our sexual desires. Turns out, she enjoys giving blow jobs. Has been asking in the morning if she can suck my cock. Hell, yes!
      Not only is oral sex more often, she is getting better! Spent a lot of time rubbing the head of my cock around her lips and sucked on my balls last time. Never did that before. Started when we were talking and learned we both wanted to do 69. She came hard doing that. My 60-year-old wife suddenly enjoys sucking cock. Life is strange, but I am enjoying this latest development.

    • I hope it was the stories. My wife was never into kinky and she quit sex...at least with me. I kinda wish i would catch her with someone so at least there would be an excuse. If you get into showingbyour wife let me know. I have forgot what they look like.

    • Good got you! Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Take it don't ask questions

    • Maybe an affair opened her up to the possibilities. But the normal actions of a woman having an ongoing affair is that the sex with hubby goes downhill instead of into overdrive. So I would say that is unlikely. So enjoy it, but watch out for her suggesting adding another guy to the mix. That would be an indication that she was already fucking him.

    • Thanks for the response. I agree with you 100%. And she's not into adding anyone to the bedroom. I've been with women that are "ok" with talking about it. My wife puts the stop to it right when I even joke about it. LOL. She has a Bi-friend and I always throw the option out there. Nope. I say.. What if I had a friend.. "NO!" I just want you. ok, fine. Ha!
      Enjoy your day!

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