Meeting my wife

I met my wife on a dating website. You put what you do and what you are looking for. It's largely bullshit as you want to make a good impression. Well, I messaged a woman who was normally out of the age range I would pick. I happened to read her profile and liked that it wasn't the canned, fake profile you read about. We chatted through the websites message system and eventually exchanged phone numbers to text. That's when things changed.

She asked what kind of woman I was into. I asked what she meant. She reminded me that she's older than I am. When we started talking she was 35 and I was 24. I told her that I wanted a woman that was mature and not wanting to just bar hop.

She said, "Well, that's cool. But what kind of woman. Like physically. What do you like?" I start trying to list things. She stops me and says, "I'm not your average woman. I don't look like all the women in porn." That kind of scared me. Now I thought she was some hideous chick. She says, "Ok. You tell me something you wouldn't tell a girl on the first date." I said, "I don't have a big dick." She says, "How big is not big?" I said, "5 inches." She said, "You know how to use it?" I said, "I'd like to think and just in case I'm pretty good at eating pussy." She said, "Good. I love a man's face between my legs. So my turn. I don't shave." I said, "Don't shave what?" She said, "My pussy or my armpits. Stopped doing it about 8 years ago." I said, "Good. I dig a natural woman. I also like a chubby woman." She said, "How chubby?" I said, "Not boney. Not 500 lbs. Anywhere from just thick and in shape to 'healthy'." She said, "Good, because I'm not thin. Ok my turn. So I used to be married." I said, "Why the divorce?" She said, "I was cheating on him." I said, "Oh yeah?" She said, "He came home and I was fucking a guy on the couch. I love sex. I also love variety." I said, "Well, I cheated on my ex with another guy." She said, "Oh. Nice! I love a guy that doesn't mind admitting to playing both sides. So are you bi?" I said, "Yeah." She said, "Bottom or top?" I said, "Bottom." She said, "Last time you had sex...with a guy." I said, "A week ago." She said, "Does he pull out?" I said, "Nope." She said, "I'd like to watch that. So, I like anal." I said, "Awesome. Never been with a woman that was into anal." She said, "Wasn't at first but I was with a guy that was pretty insistent. You kinda have to get used to it. More you do it the more you like it." I said, "I know all about that."

Just then we both had the same thought. The more you do it the more you like it. So I pictured her bent over being fucked. She did the same.

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