I feel guilty, *most* of the time.

My dog and I have sex. I love it during, and every piece of animal psychology tells me he loves it too(he's on top, either fucking my ass or me sucking his dick). The problem is, after we fuck, I always convince myself I'm abusing him, or it's unhealthy for him, or sinful, or whatever line of bullshit the gremlin voice that lives in my head that hates me and wants me to die miserable wants to tell me. Does anybody else experience this?

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  • While our hen was laying the egg and hearing its coking sound as no one was at home I went the the backyard shed and caught hold of her and put my cock inside her shit hole and fucked her. It was too hot inside and that thrilled me. It was smooth also as just she had laid the egg and I came inside her shit hole. While letting her go, she just walked forward and just shitted my cum, shrugged and walked away.

  • I just did it and cant help it, but feel guilty to but he jumps on again

  • I always dreamt of having sex with a gross pig, thank God that never happened though.

  • So, much cum i want to do now

  • I was drunk and fucking the shit out of a chick who I thought was a real fox. The next morning I woke up with a pounding headache, I looked at the chick I'd fucked and it turns out she was a REAL DOG.

  • If you forced the dog into it you would be right into feeling guilty, but if he's the one who mounts you and practically 'rapes' the fuck out of you, then what's the problem?... sounds hot and would love to see that actually

  • What people wont do for attention ...

  • C'mon, don't be a dick.

  • You cant make a dog have sex with you no way he will do it because he enjoys sex with you as you enjoy him you are both getting pleasure and he wont tell or make you swell, so forget the guilt, if you cant I will tell you my experience it might help.

  • Op do you have an email we could talk at?

  • My parents had Great Danes and one day I discovered that I fit really nicely into the female. She was pushing back which amazed me at the time, probably lucky I never got bit by her.

  • Lovely

  • I used to let my dog lick peanut butter of my penis obviously eventually I would cum. I used to feel guilty but now I don't because I enjoyed and so did my dog. I wouldn't go as far as sex bit receiving oral from my dog was fantastic.

  • I was once coerced in to fucking a small horse so I understand. It happens so fast and you can’t really think and when they cum it’s so hot, literally, the temperature is so hot. If men could cum so much and so hot, we’d fuck them happily

  • It’s wrong to fuck anything that can’t consent. Period. Should be pretty fucking self explanatory.

  • He's the one fucking *me*, you did catch that right? I didn't exactly hide that part. It ain't like he's going to fight me off anytime soon, either. Half the time he all but knocks me down and rapes me half to death.

  • That I’d love to watch. Hit!!

  • Isn't it uncomfortable for your dog's back when you ride him cowgirl?

  • It probably would be, I don't do that. I'm on all fours with him on my back, or he lays on his side when he wants a quicky.

  • The first time it happened I laid there in bed asking myself how in the hell did I just have sex with my dog. Well that was about three years ago and the guilt went away pretty quickly because I have not stopped doing it on pretty much a weekly basis.
    Even the first time it happened, he was energetic about it. He was licking me and jumping up on me trying to get it into me. Now that he has it figured it out he seems to have no problems getting it in the right spot. I have also sucked on him but not nearly as much as him licking me and having him inside me.
    He is huge!! Like really huge. He is a lab mutt mix and whatever part of that mix has a huge penis, well he got it. I have a dildo vibrator that is about seven inches long and my fingers do not touch when wrapped around it that I always thought was big. When he mounted me the first time and got fully erect it was an OMG moment for sure, even today when he gets going I am stretched and filled completely. I would not want him to be any bigger because not sure I could take it.
    I know he enjoys doing it because sometimes he actually will not leave my crotch alone until I let him do it, he goes right to my vag licking it and after a few minutes is jumping up on me wanting to get inside me. So I do not have any guilty thoughts that I am making him do something. Even the first time it happened, he began sniffing and licking me thru my workout pants so he was definitely interested in me

  • Right hurt but did't like i my v-card again and just me to laying there going OMG

  • There’s something so great about knitting too isn’t there? When they knot up it’s just so incredible

  • Going to cum to this story.

  • Photos ? awsomerobin666@gmail.com

  • I don't do pics, sorry. You probably don't want to see them anyway, I'm not exactly porn worthy.

  • Plus you don't have any cause this is all shit

  • Hey, if you want pics of a 260- pound guy blowing a dog, that's your thing.

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