Caught my wife

Imagine my shock to come home unexpectedly two days ago to find my wife of 9 years in our spare bedroom with a neighbor that I often go fishing with.
His name is Tom, he is a husky kind of guy, lots of fun and always cracking jokes. I am taller and more slender, in shape from my construction job. Tom has a bit of a pot belly.
Sara, my wife and I, both like him, he is a kick to have around, so is his wife Jeanie.
That afternoon, I walked in and heard them, so I opened the door, they were close to the throes of orgasm and didn't even realize I was there. After a good solid couple of minutes, I said, "Looks like you two are having fun."
Sara looked at me, Said, "Oh my God!" and Tom jumped up trying to cover his junk with his hands.
Squirting, a sight I will never forget, guess I spoiled things a bit.
We all looked at each other for quite awhile, then the "I'm sorry!" stuff started and I began laughing at that.
"I will be back in a few hours." I told Sara calmly. Tom was just staring, I think he expected me to shoot him or something.
"What are you going to do?" She was close to bawling.
"Oh, just heading over to Tom's place to screw Jeanie, been wanting to for ages."
His wife Jeanie is a very pretty brunette, we had soaked in their hot tub a few times with the girls topless, but that was all.
They were looking at me wide eyed, so I left and went over to his place.
It only took me about 15 minutes of explaining to get her down on the couch, turns out she had been thinking about me, too.
Things were quiet when I got home later, Tom nowhere to be found.
Hell with it, sort it out later.

10 months ago

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    • Well played!!!!

    • Sounds like you got what you wanted. Good for you

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