When i was young

When i was 12 i lost my virginity to my 14 yr old neighbor. I didnt realize at the time that i had went thru puberty early. By 12 i already had hair on my dick and was probly 8 inches. Yea huge for a 12 yr old. Well me and this girl played all the time n hung out n shit. I was kind of on the bad side n she was more sheltered. She was also a virgin by the way. Any way both of us being puberty driven horndogs we started kissing n stuff every time we hung out. My favorite was sucking on her big tits. She must have had a good puberty too because her tits were huge for 14. One day i was fingering her and slobbing on those delicous firm tits and she noticed the huge bulge in my pants. She asked if she could touch it i said hell yea u can lol. I pulled my cock out and she slowly started stroking it. She said she liked how smooth the tip was and asked if it was like that so it would go inside easier. I didnt kno shit i was 12 but i said yea that makes sense. She asked if i wanted to put it inside of her. Of course i fumbled my words bfor i finally said if u want me to. She said yea how bout tmrw after her parents left. Well fast forward i watched for her parents to leave and i went over. She answered the door and i was in awe. She got all done up for me. Hair n makeup was beautuful with a tight black v neck shirt exposing her great cleavage and a grey skirt with the school girl socks. We went to her room and fooled around and finally she said she was ready. Ill never forget her laying there on her back, big perky tits sitting in perfect mounds on her chest, her baby smooth thighs spread and the lightly hairy pussy waiting to b takin. Her being the wonderful girl she was had already got lube from her parents room. She didnt kno we would need it but she thot we would from hearsay of teen talk. Thank god bcuz my massive dick was not getting in her 14 yr old virgin pussy without it. I lubed up n slowly went for it as she helped to guide me in. I remember finding it and it hitting that first check point as my head kinda popped thru to inside her. I kinda just worked the head for a while bcuz it was so tight and she seemed uncomfortable already. I tried goin a little deeper. Half way in and i felt great! I didnt kno what i was doin but it felt good. Shes just moaning and wincing and teliing me shes ok. Well feeling like i was gonna cum soon i stopped being conservative and just went for it. I slammed my dick in her forcing the rest of my inches into her. She let out a squeal as did i. It was so tight it almost hurt but it really felt good now. She said it hurt so bad n was making noises in pain and pleasure but i said hold on im almost done. I pounded the fuck out of her pussy for the last few moments and grabbed her shoulders so she wouldnt slide forward and thrusted my huge dick in for the last time and unleashed my load deep into her guts. Its been 20 years and we still fuck off n on.

10 months ago


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    • Is she still single or married?

    • Divorced but she has been in many relatiinships thru that time but still always lets me beat those guts

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