Colonoscopy Nurse

I had a bit of rectal bleeding, not much but obvious. I got sent to Portland for the procedure, I live in a small town and no facilities here.
On arrival, I was sent to a room with the equipment, there sat a black lady, clearly a nurse.
She told me to undress from the waist down, I hesitated since she made no move to leave. Finally, I just stripped, and being naked in front of her caused me to erect.
"Can't have that." she said, and put on some latex gloves, then masturbated me rather quickly, using a towel to wipe me after.
I was almost in shock, never in my life did I expect that.
"The doctor is a bit homophobic, so he tells me to relieve any patients that get erect." She smiled and sat back down.
The doc came in, did the lower Colonoscopy and left, her still sitting there watching. It came back as a fissure which they gave me some ointment to heal.
I know, I know. Nurses don't do that, right?
Well, there is ONE that does!

26 days ago

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    • Getting a colonoscopy you are not awake you are sedated and you are not aware at all what is going on. Until you are waking up. Unless you got some crackpot doc who gets off watching his nurse jack guys off because he's homophobic. ? I'm calling BS also.

    • You are NOT sedated for a lower Colonoscopy, sorry but you are wrong.


    • A sigmoidoscopy, then. You're still a lying twit.

    • Lucky you!

    • I like the part about the rectal bleeding

    • So does he.

    • Complete ------- ( insert your animal of choice ) manure !

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