I've Become A Weenie Wagger

My wife has an elderly aunt, a widow in her early to mid seventies. A nice lady for whom I have been doing some renovations on her very dated wartime home. My wife's mother was visiting her sister while I was replacing a livingroom window. They had gotten into some wine and were quite giggly. Hot summertime temperatures so I was wearing a tee shirt, shorts and work boots. My wife's aunt remarked that it had been a long time since a handsome man had been so sparsely dressed in her home. My mother-in-law teased that since my wife had gone back to school to become a nurse I would have to get used to dropping my pants so she could practice on a real penis. The ladies were quite tipsy! I finished the window trim and decided to flash them. Don't know what came over me or why I did it. I dropped my shorts and undies and gave them a quick view of my penis and scrotum. They thought it was funny, trickled pink about it. I got such an unexpected thrill. My heart was beating faster, my testicles tingling and I felt a drip of thick fluid leak from my cock. I said nothing to my wife about it but a couple of days later she went into a rage about the incident. She is very straight laced and sex with her is totally vanilla. No kink whatsoever. Her sister told her about my dick flash to the old ladies and in fact they reported to everyone that I had a somewhat small penis. Just a button on a fur coat, as my sister-in-law put it. My wife was furious that I would humiliate myself like that and did not understand what the hell I was thinking. Well, hearing that everyone thinks my cock is tiny was also a surprise bonus. The humiliation turned out to be the big thrill after all. A few days later I had needed to take a quick shower at the aunt's house after working in her attic insulation. She gave me verbal instruction on the operation of her broken shower valve and after hearing me struggle with it she asked me to open the bathroom door so she could show me. I didn't wrap the towel around my waist but held it in front of me so that it just hid my privates. I opened the door and she gave a quick look of surprise at the sight of my bare thighs. She probably could see my bare ass in the mirror too. She leaned down to adjust the shower diverter and I inched forward and lowered the towel. My exposed penis and scrotum were well within her view. I was so excited again! Her eyes grew big so I know she saw everything. This was such a delicious moment. When my wife heard about this latest indiscretion she went into a whilwind. What was I thinking. Did I have a problem? Was I trying to have sex with her aunt? The shit was endless. This indecent exposure stuff was incredible. I was even able to wander naked past my sister-in-law going from our bathroom to bedroom one day. Made it look purely accidental. Small penis and all! Beautiful. My wife's reaction was not so nice. While on an extension ladder replacing window flashing on a bedroom window at the aunt's house I happened to get a glance of her in the bathroom. She obviously did not know I was there since she was stark naked. She was brushing her hair and I could see her side profile. Typical lady in her seventies: large saggy breasts, flabby belly roll and grey pubic hair. I could not help myself. I got down off the ladder and went to the laundry room in her basement to release my extreme excitement. The problems really started then. I did not hear her coming down the stairs and she caught me stark naked, erect penis in hand, masturbating while holding one of her laundered bras to my face. Naturally, she has not allowed me back to work for her and my firing is the talk of the family right now. Extended family really, everyone including cousins I have never met before have something to say about my behavior. Me and my small penis, even erect, are all the rage right now. I love that everyone is imagining my naked body. My wife has some very hot cousins to whom I would be honored to appear naked. My marital situation right now is like sandpaper on wood. Not sure where the dust will settle with my wife but I am eagerly waiting for my next naked endeavour.

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