She doesn't know that I know.

I am 44, about as normal a guy as they come, my wife is 5 years younger and a health nut, her circle of friends call her the "Walking Nazi" because she heads out to nearby trails almost every day, rain or shine, and walks several miles.

I thought nothing of it, she has done that since clear back when we met. But about two months ago, I was on the way home a few hours early, the shop where I work building big cranes that lift stuff lost power so they sent us home.

The road to our house comes down off the hill, I can see out place in the distance, maybe 1/4 mile away. As I made the turn, a tall young man came out of my front door, carrying what looked like a giant suitcase.

My wife acted slightly flustered when she saw me home early, I noticed that so I didn't mention seeing the guy come out, go to a white van and drive away. I did ask her why she was not out walking, she just told me she had things to do instead.

The next day, still no power, some crazy problem with 3 phase current and parts were back ordered, so I was out of work for the rest of the week. But curious, I left normally anyway, went up to the little park up the hill and sat out on the grass to watch. Nothing happened except she did come out and go for one of her walks, which was down the road the other way, then back to the house from a trail down by the river. I went and got some lunch, came back to nothing and finally went home to everything normal.

The next day she came out, got in her little Kia and went shopping, around 1 in the afternoon she came home and that same white van was right behind her. She got out, went to the van and said something, then went inside. He followed along a few minutes later carry what I now had figured out was a massage table.

I waited about 20 minutes and walked down, went into our back yard which has a lot of bushes and is really private. The curtains to our spare room were still open about an inch, I had left them that way.

Looking in, there was my wife on the table, on her back, stark naked, the guy was standing next to the table with his hands on her, also naked. He had an erection, it was no bigger than mine which for some crazy reason was a relief.

Obviously my wife is having an affair with this guy, although I didn't stick around to watch that. So far I have not said a word about it, but she did act funny when she was wanting sex and I turned her down, telling her I was not in the mood.

Instead, next week they are moving the last crane beams I welded up, usually I help with the loading and moving, instead I will take the time off and catch her in the act. I would or should have last time but I was almost in shock.

3 months ago

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    • My wife has been fucking the next door neighbor for about a year now, and she doesn't know that I know about it. How do I know? Because the next door neighbor (Mike) and I are buddies and he told me about over drinks one night, saying he had to get something off his chest. Instead of being pissed, I told him I was actually aroused by the thought of him fucking her and told him to keep at it but on one condition: he was never to tell my wife that I knew. Additionally, I wanted him to call me on my home office line during the day after my wife had left for work to tell me all about their latest get-together in graphic detail so that I could beat off to it over the phone. Loads of fun.

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