Feeling her body

My girlfriend told me that a friend of hers was having relationship problems and needed to see a lawyer. My girl asked me to drive her to the lawyer and be her friends body guard in case the guy followed.

This woman was afraid she might get caught seeing a lawyer. She got in my car and I told her to make sure I was not mixed up in her personal issues that I would have to make sure she wasn’t wearing a wire. She never question me.

She said she wasn’t but I insisted I needed to check so I pulled over. She wore a summer dress. I reached across and ran my hand between her small tits noticing she wasn’t wearing a bra so I ran my hand under her tits slowly. Then I made sure I felt both her tits. I noticed that her nipples were hard. When i was finished with her titsI felt down her stomach to her pussy. I pushed her leg to get her to uncross them then nudged her legs open. I moved my hand between her legs and ran it up and down her thighs making sure I felt her wet pussy.

When I was done with her pussy I had her turn her back to me and get in her knees. I unzipped her dress in the back to below her ass and ran my hand from her neck to her ass making sure I ran my hand down the crack of her ass feeing her asshole and sliding it under to feel her naked pussy.

I finished by running my hands up her sides landing on the sides of her Tits making sure I felt her bare breasts and nipples then I zipped her up. She sat back and never said a word as I drove her to the appointment.

10 months ago


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    • The Anti-Incest Warrior is a Fucking Retard!

    • School boy dreams from Smutty Mc Smutster. Abysmally dumb story, though.

    • Go away, pedophile!

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