I trained my boyfriend to eat his own

I will do anything as far as sex goes if he does for me. Which he does.
I love to make him eat his own cum.I have him with his feet and ass up in the air against the wall , head towards the carpet , I make him leave his mouth open and I aim his cock towards his mouth and make him jerkoff and cum in his own mouth. Sometimes Ill jerk it for him.I also will have him laydown ,bring his legs over his head and he can just lick the tip of his cock. He will cum in his mouth that way too. His prize is I will let him use my ass and share me with certain people. We are both happy.
I want him to suck a cock someday too . He already eats my pussy after it has been used ,so why not. We have to have fun now while we are young because it wont last, so I do. Im am not going to be a person that says I should have or wanted to . I am the one says I did.

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  • Would you ever think about tying him up and making him suck a guy? Or tying up 2 guys and making them suck each other?

  • Absolutely would.. Great idea

  • I’ve done this myself. Made myself shoot into my own mouth. Some day I would like to taste somebody else’s.
    Would you like to watch us suck each other?

  • That would be something i'd watch

  • You would be fun to have for a girlfriend. I would enjoy eating my cum that way for you. I already enjoy eating cum out of pussy, weather it’s my cum or someone else’s doesn’t really matter. And I would gladly suck a cock for you, why not. I’ve done it before, just not when I’ve been in a relationship. Would you be instructing me on how to suck it? I enjoy being somewhat passive, would you be guiding my actions? Is there anything else that you would have me do with that cock, would you be wanting me to see what it feels like to give your ass over to a nice hard cock?

  • Thanks

  • I would love to lick my cum out of your asshole

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