Brother's Wife..

I headed down to the family ranch last weekend to give my brother a hand, he is building a storage facility, and has one of those tiny sawmills so the plan is to make his own boards right off the place, it has lots of Fir trees.
I just sleep in this chair left over from when Dad was with us, it is electric and reclines flat of lifts a person up, in his old age he was very frail.
The thing is incredibly comfortable too, and with a push of a button, one can adjust it any way they like.
I was asleep when I felt something, opened my eyes and here was Nancy, his wife, her hand was on my penis which was reacting nicely. Last thing I would have ever expected, she is cute, about 40 or so, but she has never said or done anything like this before.
"Shhh!" she whispered, when I began to get up, startled. Not knowing what to do, and not wanting any confrontation with my brother, I just let her complete what she was doing.
The next night, she slipped into the living room and did it again, I was awake this time when she came out. Same situation, except that time she opened her robe and let me see her breasts. I didn't touch her though.
Now, my brother asked me to come down again, he is ready to set the beams that will support the roof, and I have some reservations.
It's obvious he doesn't know what she is doing, and I don't want any family fights. I am afraid this could get out of hand damn fast.

10 months ago

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    • Just cum on her not inside of her then you’re all set ! Ask her to finger your ass too !

    • I lost a buddy this way, I went to a very drunken party at his house, woke up in a bean bag chair to his wife there, playing with things. Drunk and not wanting to wake anyone else, I just let her. Then a month or so later we were at a tavern and I confessed, big fight and lost a friend, plus they broke up.
      Better off to not say a word, just avoid those situations.

    • Avoid her like the plague if you value the relationship with your brother. Just tell her that you can't play with her.

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