First time curious

I used to spend the night at my friends all the time as an adult. We still liked to get togetger n play video games n stuff. We always slept in the same bed no big deal. Well one night we had been drinking a little bit. I passed out first. When i woke up my buddy was spooning me. He had a very big dick and i could feel it pressed against me. I think he was lightly grinding me trying to cum. Well without letting him kno i was even awake i started to grind back a little bit. I could hear him breathing heavy and feel his massive dick jabbing me in the legs. I was getting hard to at this point. I finally let him kno i was awake by sliding down my shorts. I turned my head slightly n said stick it in. As he rubbed spit on his cock i pulled my cheeks apart. He was so big it took my breath away. He went easy as it was both our first time. We turned n kissed passionately as he took my manhood. He asked if he could go deeper and i said give it to me daddy. He must have liked that bxuz he grabbed my thighs to hold me and just buried his cock deep. It hurt so bad but felt so good. I was cumming all over myself. He said he was gonna pull out soon to cum and i said no daddy i want u to blow deep in my guts. He put me on my belly, pulled my hips up so my ass was up and pushed my face hard into the bed and pounded me so deep. Felt like his cock was in my throat. He asked me to beg for it. I told him i was a little sissy bitch and he needed to fill his little girl up. He unleashed the biggest load ever deep in my ass. Now everytime i stay we dont play video games we just fuck and cum all over each other

2 months ago


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    • So lucky to have a fuck buddy

    • Mmm wish I had a BIG cock buddie that would sleep with me ..I would SO FREAKING love to SUCK his cock deep in my mouth and face AND I Will LOVE him to slide himself DEEP INSIDE of ME as I spread MY ASS cheeks apart for his cock to enter my ASS and I WANT to feel his cock deep in my ass and pounding my guts as he's railing MY ASS I am squirting load after load of my cumm all over the bed and I will cumm all over his cock GOOD FOR him and I WANT to feel his CUMM fiil me UP INSIDE deeply as he ejuclates INSIDE of me and I WANT to slide my cock deep in his ASS hole AND I Will drive my dick DEEP INSIDE of him and I'll pound the living Hell OUT his nice tight ASS hole AND I Will drive my dick DEEP INSIDE of him and I'll explode massively INSIDE of his BODY pumping him full of THAT CREAMY CUMM AS I FUCK his butt 👉👌😍💦

    • U can pump me full if u want. Id love to have ur thick load deep inside me

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