My husband joined in

Usually my husband wouldn't have been home until after five. That day he walked in around two in the afternoon.
At the time I had a nineteen year olds cock shagging my arse.
I'd been having sex with Ash for nearly an hour, when my husband came home and discovered what I'd been doing for almost six months with our neighbour.
I truly thought he'd go ballistic. My husband is a big man. And he's not prone to being understanding.
Yet he stood, smiled and slowly took his clothing off.
Still in my mind as Ash went to move away, I thought my husband was taking his clothing off so he didn't get blood on his suit.
Instead he practically ordered Ash to carry on fucking me. He seemed scared and it wasn't until my husband said "If you won't, I'm fucking her shithole instead" Ash nervously slid his cock back into my arsehole and slowly began to fuck me again. I hesitated still wary. Then heard my husband say "Fuck her kid, or fuckoff".
My husband thrust his cock into my mouth and over the next half an hour I swapped between each of the guys, finally taking both cocks in my pussy and arsehole at the same time. Both men screwed me hard, probably the roughest my husband had been in years, making me orgasm many times, until they both with my husband demanding it, they came inside of me.
When my husband walked round to his side of the bed, he very calmly told Ash that he should only call round from then on, when he was home.
And so it has been the past two months. Ash has in a way grown more forceful in how he has sex with me. My husband kind of demands it each time, but there are still occasions when I entertain Ash on his own without my husband's presence. And the young man is becoming one hell of a lover.

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