My beautiful wife has sexy legs and feet!! I would love for her to sit on the couch in shorts and flats. She would have one leg crossed over the other. She would slowly swing her leg back and forth and let a flat dangle off her foot. I would masturbate and watch her dangle and tease. Se would smile, laugh and giggle at me as she teased and dangled.

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  • Recently I asked my wife to dangle a flat off her foot and she agreed!! I told her
    how it would turn me on if she smiled and laughed while she dangled! Prior to the dangling show she read some erotica and masturbated to orgasm! Then she allowed me to pick out a shoe to dangle.

    I picked out a black flat and put it on her bare left foot. She crossed her left leg over right knee and slowly dangled while I stroked my rock hard cock!!! That heel popping looked so good! Love looking at that sexy heel popping out of that shoe and that sexy arch. My wife had a wicked grin as she dangled and started laughing. I had a great orgasm as I shot my load!!!!!

  • I know my wife knows her legs and feet turn me on! One day she was seated at the table in shorts and barefoot reading the newspaper. I sat at the couch at the other end of the room behind where she was seated. She crossed her left leg over her right knee and slowly kicked her left leg back and forth. Wow here nice smooth legs ankles and feet turned me on!!!! Her nice smooth heels and arches looked sexy!!!! She would look back over her shoulder from time to time at me a with a very subtle grin. So I know she was on to me. When she drooped her feet to the floor and exposed her nice smooth soles and toes, I was rock hard!!!!!!! Her nice soft legs and feet turn me on soooooooo much!!!!!

  • Talk to her. She may be open to it. They're just feet.

    I walked up to my wife when she was seated on the couch and had her bare feet on the Ottoman. I started playfully kissing them and then licking. When I started sucking her toes, she giggled at first, then moaned. When she saw me pulled down my shorts and underwear and start jacking off while doing is when she realized how much it turned me on.

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