I went to Wilmington for a night with a married woman. We got a hotel and fucked, then went out that evening. We were walking around downtown and asked a guy on the sidewalk where he thought the best place to dance was and he recommended a gay bar, so we went. She went to the ladies room and when she returned, she handed me her panties, I put them in my pocket and led her out onto the dance floor. As we danced, I kept lifting her skirt and she kept putting it back down. After a few minutes I led her over to the pool table just off the dance floor and I lifted her skirt then lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the pool table, dropped to my knees and started eating her pussy. A guy walked up to us and laughed "You guys should get a room", I ignored him, stood up, pulled out my dick and slid it into her and she backed away from the edge of the table till my dick was out of her. She was embarrassed, so I took her to the fenced-in outside area out back. There was a bar and tables outside and what looked like a small stage. We were standing in the corner by the stage making out and I pulled up her skirt and started fucking her while we both were standing. She stopped me and turned around and bent over the stage so I could fuck her from behind. There were about 5 guys at the bar and they watched me fuck her till I pulled out and came all over her ass (they didn't see the cum I'm sure, we were about 20 feet away and it was pretty dark outside, but it was plenty light enough to know we were fucking). After we finished and her skirt was back down, she said "If we were anywhere else, all those guys would wish they were you, but those guys wish they were me." and we laughed.

What she didn't know was I wanted to take a couple of guys back to our room with us. She was hot and her pussy was amazing, but adding another dick or two to the mix would've made that night even better.

10 months ago

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