Female seeking male

Hey 34 yr old male here. My girlfriend of 6 yrs is a slut and has cheated many times but i want her to fuck someone in front of me. Dont want someone i kno that would b too much. She is 32 yrs old, red hair, normal tits, big ass, about 5'6 160lbs. Thick in the right places. Her pussy is prime. So tight and she gets very wet very fast. Shes also a squirter so bonus. Nothing makes u feel more like a man than a sexy woman spraying pussy juice all over your dick. Looking for a male age 28-40. Average build. Bigger dick 8+ inches and cant b a bean pole it has to have some girth too. No dick is too big tho. Must be clean. Proof of no disease. MUST HAVE A THICK LOAD!!! None of that watery cum but not chunky either. Nice thick ropes of cum. Most imporatant thing is i want you to cum inside my girlfriend and as your cumming u must have your hand on her throat and tell me that you are blowing deep in my oldladys guts. Pretty easy. Comment if interested

1 month ago

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    • IOS love to have girlfriend like yours! I always love it when a woman’s squirts all over me ! When she’s on top of me riding me like a horse!
      As she’s about to start to squirt she’ll lay backwards just enough for her to squirt all over me ! That gets me so fucking hot that I blow my load deep inside of the squirting pussy !
      Sometimes when she’s giving me a blowjob It fells like she’s sucking my
      She can make the porn stars look like amateurs !
      And she can deep throat balls deep like a pro and won’t even gag on my dick !
      My dick is almost 11 inches long and 5!inches fat !
      I’m 6 foot 3?2 inches tall !
      If she can handle my dick like she does I can only what she can take inside of her pussy !
      She’s only 5 foot 4?inches tall and about 125 pounds wet ! Brown hair blue green eyes!
      When she looks at you her eyes makes you fell like putty in her hands!
      From the very first day I meet her I fail in love with her !
      The eyes the smile and her body amazingly beautiful! So in other words trouble in the making! And her voice make you melt like butter in the sun !
      We went on a few dates before we got into bed together! She told me that she’s been hurt a few times before with some asshole guys that wanted to fuck her !
      I I told her straight forward I’m not that kind of guy I know where my balls are at and I want to keep them there !
      She started to laugh and smile back at me !
      We’ve been dating for 2 years and now we are going to get married next month!
      And of course she told me with a big smile that she’s 3 mouths pregnant with my child ! I gave her a big hug and kiss ! I was a little shocked at first but I was very happy when she told that she’s pregnant! 😱👍🤪🤪
      I guess that’s what happens when the 2?of you didn’t what to use any condoms !
      The 2 of us always wanted to have kids but not so soon ! God works in crazy ways ! 😇🙏 ! At the end of the day thing happen for a reason to people that are meant to be together!!

    • You sound like a porno director who had to take a job as a carnival barker. Go impregnate your loser bitch girlfriend yourself, gherkin dick !

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