Bit my girlfriends mom on the ass

My girlfriend and I are engaged to be married this spring. With COVID, college for us both, and the wedding, we are finally unable to afford our own place. We live with my girlfriends mother who recently divorced her husband. We all live in a small two bedroom house.

I went out with my friends to the bar to celebrate one of my buddies getting a promotion at his work. We drank and had a great time. I was hammered by the end of the night, so when I got home, I was a little frisky. I tried to make my way up stairs without killing myself, and snuck into the bedroom where my girlfriend was sleeping.

The last time she went out with her friends, she came home drunk and bit me on the ass to wake me up for sex. She didn't bite hard, it was more like a love bite. But the sex was phenomenal. So I had been planning a payback all night. I quietly stripped my clothes off and slid under the covers taking a love bite on her ass.

I know I didn't bite her hard, but she flung the covers off and shouted excuse me as she flipped the lights on. I was drunk, but there I stood naked looking at my girlfriends mother. I had accidentally walked in her room instead of mine and my girlfriends room.

My girlfriend heard her mother and came to find me still standing there naked in front of her mother. I meanwhile can only apologize while half attempting to cover myself with my hands. My girlfriend just started dying laughing. She even blocked the doorway so my white ass could still be on display for her mother.

Neither one of them have let me live it down. They're always making jokes about me sleeping with my girlfriends mother, or older women, or that I bit her on the ass. The only good thing is I'm actually well endowed, so my girlfriends mother will make comments about her daughter being a lucky woman. Which makes all the joking better. Then my girlfriend will joke and tell her mother she shouldn't have screamed. She could have probably gone all the way and had a good time without me even realizing she wasn't my girlfriend.

2 months ago

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