Twice in one hour

This is a boring story for this site but it ticked my box!
The girlfriend and I got four horse racing tickets given to us, she invited her work friend and her new fella.
Her new bloke lives 5 minuets away from the horse track so we arranged to meet him there.
We are at my girlfriend friends house and she is running late, her friend can’t decide what dress to wear, the girlfriend and I are sitting in the kitchen and her friend is in and out asking us which dress looks better.
She then comes in in the tightest shortest black dress and holding another in red, which one she said, I’m playing on my phone not paying attention until my girlfriend said let’s see the red one on.
Right in front of me she starts wriggling out of this dress, as she is pealing this dress down her big tits pop out on full show, no bra, then she pulls it down over her hips showing her g-string, now this is a big thing for me, my girlfriend wears big pants the Bridget Jones type!
She then gets in the red dress, being it so tight she is jiggling as she is pulling it up, her big tits are all over the place!
We leave in the red dress but she said she will take the black one just in case.
I’ve just parked the car and she said I’m not sure, I think the black one is better.
In the back of my car she now attempting to get out of one dress and in another.
I was doing my best to cop a look and I managed to get a great view, I even saw a few hairs protruding out from her g-string.
It was the highlight of the day as I lost big time on the horses!

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  • Not lucky ur wife never slapped yah boy t nice view

  • Sounds good to me

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