I wanted and started to masturbate when I was 5 years old.
Once I masturbated when I was 5 in my school and my teacher punish me . As a kid I was masturbate a lot , everyday many times so much that my vagina hurt. I remember I had a doll the same height as me and I rubbed my vagina on her and kissed her . It felt so nice . I told my cousin to masturbate together but she told me that she would told it to my mother and I was scared because my mother when she caught me she hit me when I was a kid . I played the married couple with my cousin I was the man and she was the woman . We were licking each other on chest and belly and total kissed . I liked it . I missed it cause I was comfortable back then . Now as an adult I was to masturbate with dildos and and vibrators and machines because I think it would be lots of pleasure .

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  • At 5 year old all your pussy was for pissing with so stop talking SHITE .

  • I swear i tell the truth i start to masturbate when i was 5 .

  • It is not fake , the story its true , i don't like trolls anyway , and i never said i had sex with my father or getting spanked by my father .

  • Horrible story all around

  • Fake story anyways. Probably same girl that’s been posting lately about getting spanked and having sex with her dad.

  • I agree. Could barely follow it

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