They Desire To Have Fun

I never knew I come across kinky people like them. Especially being related to each other. I picked up and began dating this homely looking slut. Her body wasn't bad looking but her head needed to be covered by a bag. She was open to my sexual fantasy and desires. While we rested side by side, she drilled me with all sorts of questions. I tried to answer them honestly. She got me to omit that I had a thing with my mother and wanted to my grandmother because she has long saggy tits, but didn't.
My slut went down on me and started sucking my cock again. Then she said, " Do you really desire a GILF? " I admitted to her it was my fantasy, but nothing else. She tells me her grandmother is a big stocky woman with full size tits on her chest that doesn't hang down and can get her nipples erected to about one inch. "She enjoys me sucking on them. " Hearing that I shoved my slut's head deep on my cock. The thought of grandma, granddaughter threesome sounded really kinky. "No way she'll agree to a threesome with us! "
The next time I was with my so called girlfriend and eating her out, she tells me her grandmother is willing for a threesome. "Grandma is waiting for us in her bedroom. " my slut confesses to me.
While my bitch was driving me to her grandma's, she began telling me about her grandma habits and I whipped out my cock. She took her clothes off as soon as we stepped in grandma's apartment. She yells out,"We're here! " and pulls me in the bedroom where grandma laid with her stiff erected nipples. Grandma looks at me with a smile telling me to suck one nipple while her granddaughter sucks the other. She really was a stocky old woman with hot breasts. I wrapped my hand around her tit and put the biggest nipple I ever saw in my mouth while she undid my pants and grabbed my cock tugging it. Her granddaughter went down and licked the slit on that stocky whore. "I'm ready for your boyfriend's cock. I shoved my cock deep into that wet cunt and gave her a cream pie she'll never forget as her granddaughter face sat her.

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