Renewed My Sexual Relationship

I'm going on 74 and still get horny. This guy Jon used to cheat with me because of my big boobs and the fact I was Bi-sexual. I was in my late 50's and he was in a relationship with my best friend who knew I was interested in her but didn't want to get involve in Bi-sexual activity. I use to go to the local nudist camp and my friend's boyfriend wanted her to go to the resort with him. She was O.K. with the idea of him joining me there but she wouldn't go. He's five years younger than me and I saw his lovely package at the resort and he saw mines. That's when we secretly started having sex behind my friend's back. He could hold his load in for some time. I confessed to him that my BBW daughter uses a strap-on me. He wanted to see the action and we let him watch.
Well years went by and he went back to his ex. I was recently at a thrift store and connected with Jon there. I figured he has no interest in me anymore. My boobs emptied out and I had loose flabby skin all over my body. " Do you still get that wild sexual moments that you had when we fooled around? " I told him that maybe he can stir me up if he can maintain a hard dick. " Only if you give me a long time blow job on my cock. " he said. I gave him my address and told him let's try to connect tonight.
I only had a robe and slippers on when I let Jon in. He quickly groped my emptied hanging tits and pinched my nipples making them erect like he use to do. I undid his pants and started to fondle his dick. I went down and held his dick sucking it trying to get it hard. I blew him for some time and he began to say nasty dirty things to me which stirred me up. "Take off that robe and let me see those long flat tits and wrinkled lip cunt slut! " I removed my robe and he forced me back on his semi-hard dick. He held my head as it gotten really stiff in my mouth. Then he tells me to get on the couch and spread like the good slut that I am. He starts playing with my oversize clit with his tongue while I had my loose wrinkled lips held back for him to access my stiff clit. I yelled out, "Oh Yes, Yes, don't stop! " He groped and squeezed my tits painfully, but I enjoyed it. I squirted my fluids in his face, which he activated inside me. He pressed his face into my kitty and shook his head. "Your juices still very tasty, Bitch! " as he tried to keep his cock in my slippery loose wet cunt. He gave up and rubbed the cum he had all over my tits and he forced me to lick it clean while pushing my empty sacks in my face.
Jon comes around about once a week and I convince him to abuse his slut. Hold me down and fill me up.

2 months ago

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