Getting it on with the neighbor

After I got out of college, I moved away for a job and ended up later moving back to the college town. A few months later, a woman moved into the next door apartment. She was at least 20 years older than me, but I thought her quite attractive. We talked and flirted, but nothing ever came of it.....until several months later, I went to her apartment. She let me in and we talked for a few minutes, then I kissed her. And the clothes fell off. I had my hand in her pussy, and she took it and licked my fingers. I took her to her bedroom and fucked her quite nicely. She told me that she had often thought of sleeping with me but didn't think I would want to have sex with an older woman.

The next afternoon, as she walked up the stairs to the apartments, I opened my door and motioned her in. I proceeded to tell her I had a nice speech prepared about how I thought her attractive and wanted to sleep with her again....but that I thought actions spoke louder than words. I stood up, took off my t-shirt, and dropped my jeans....nothing underneath but my dick. She immediately grabbed it and went down on me. This time, I took her to my bed and proceeded to have my way with her for several hours. After that, it was on practically every night. I fucked her in every position imaginable and eventually had anal sex with her too. Once she told me not to come over for a week because her boyfriend was coming from another state to see her, but that he would be gone one of the nights. That night, I invited myself over and fucked her six times....twice in the ass. It was hot thinking about being in the bed someone else had been in the night before. She always wondered why I preferred to have sex in my apartment....She never knew about the video camera in the closet!

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